15 Things You Should Know Before Dating Ethiopian Women

Dating Ethiopian Women

October 30, 2022

So you like Ethiopian women? Think you might snatch yourself one before your vacation period is over? Perchance, get a taste of that curiously satisfying mix of melanin glow? Then these are the 15 things you must know before dating Ethiopian Women.

Dating Ethiopian Women

Before we begin, you should be aware that Ethiopian women have been scorned for years due to the country’s traditional ways of life and religious commandments. So they come with writing “handle with care” direction on the parcel you will be wise to obey.

1. It Isn’t Ego; It Is Self Esteem

Self-esteem and tradition! Any Ethiopian woman could be gushing all over your charm and crashing on you through every second of her day and still walking past you with a blazing glare. The simplified answer to this mystery is,

YOU ARE THE MAN, so you make the first move.

Ethiopian Women

That glare that shook your entire world is a subtle wake-up call for you to man up and ask her out because she can’t wait for so long, despite the heated attraction she has for you.

2. By The Third Date, We Name Our Kids

If you are shocked by the statement, calm down because we were putting it mildly for the sake of our male readers.

Ethiopian women are not the type of woman who entertains casual meetings with cursory hook-ups. She has plans for her future and the perfect image of how her life should be. If you are looking for a random passerby for a one-night stand, you are DEADLY WRONG!

Ethiopian Women smiling

3. Mind Your Hands!!!

If you were expecting a kiss on the first date, we are delighted to tell you to STOP! That train of thought is only going to get you in trouble. This is Ethiopia; skinship is as sacred as the next Ethiopian holiday. And so thou shall keep one’s hands to thyself.

4. Don’t Go Brazen

That proud Ethiopian woman who used to look at you with doe eyes will disappear before you could snap if she feels any insolence. She was raised right spanked by her parents whenever she stepped out, so don’t expect her to sit still and let you be disrespectful; she definitely has better things to do.

5. She Has Got Two Side; Barbie And Barbaric

Imagine this scene; you are in a restaurant grabbing dinner. Imagine yourself doing something so wrong that would typically get you choking on the water thrown on your face had it been any other woman from any other ethnicity.

An Ethiopian woman will never do that to you in public. She will play her part. Smile politely, acting like the Barbie. If you don’t know what is happening, you fall for that. But that scene only plays till you get out of the public scenery into some secluded space. That is where you will meet the barbaric in her.

She would never humiliate you in public, but you best believe she can and will do some damage backstage where no eyes are peeping.

6. Get Ready To Get Pampered

If you are dating Ethiopian women, you will never go hungry, never feel like you are unloved, never come to a cold house despite what she has got going in her life. It doesn’t matter how old you are; an Ethiopian girl will make a big baby out of you just with a hug. And you don’t even have to ask for it!

7. Get Ready To Pamper Her And Her Friends

Think of it as the rite of passage in the world of dating Ethiopian women. This is where she decides if you are it for her or not because it is obvious what makes her friends happy will make her happier. If you buy her a gift, then her friends deserve a gift card at the very least. Her friends are your enemies or allies, depending on how you approach them. If you take her out on a date two nights a week, then one day out of the weekend should be reserved for her friends to save yourself from the fiery that is bound to unleash.

8. She is a Package Deal

Yes, you read that correct, she is a package deal, and she comes in bunches. If you are dating Ethiopian women, you are expected to woo her siblings, impress her friends, and assure her parents that you are the right fit for her. Ethiopians live in harmony, so her family and friends’ opinions about you matter for her.

9. She Won’t Be Shy About Picking Your Friends For You

Ethiopian Women - Sayat Demisse

Yes, feel free to reread it because she won’t feel any restraints picking friends for you. But she would be subtle about it, that is for sure. Instead of yelling “why are you late” she will put it gently and tell “that friend of yours must go because look at the time, you are three hours late BECAUSE OF HIM, AGAIN!” and you will cherish her more because blaming your friend is a better thing than receiving a yelling in the middle of the night.

10. She Might Be Late

This is probably the most important thing you need to know about Ethiopians as a whole.

If you are dating an Ethiopian woman and she tells you she is almost there, just go home and take a one-hour nap, a forty-minute shower, and a calm walk to the meeting place, knowing she might be late.

Don’t be pissed. It is not her fault. Even the Ethiopian calendar itself is seven years behind the rest of the world. Seriously though, It is a culture to be late in our country.

11. Don’t Take The Teasing Personal

If you get roasted on a date by the Ethiopian woman you’re dating, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. It is a way of life here. We laugh at our jokes and mock our loved ones.

12. She is Your Fervent Devotee

She is with you for the long haul, whether you are riding or dying. The literal Bonnie to your Clyde. Your fierce patron who will hold you up if you ever feel low!

13. You Can’t Fight Everyone That Looks At Her

But you could try because that is a hell of sexy! The same doe eyes, perfect brown skin and luscious curves that pulled you in will be the death of you and people you are planning to bash. It is God-given, and one can only accept such things with a loud Hallelujah.

14. Gifts, Gifts & Also Gifts

It is not as greedy as it sounds. Any woman in any corner of the world would agree to this notion because nothing can top a man who showers his woman with gifts every other day.

15. And the Oscar Got to Your Drama Queen

Yup, dating an Ethiopian woman is equivalent to having your little drama queen. She will tell you everything along with the silly gestures, breathless chants and utter focus that is usually reserved for when she puts on mascara.

Ethiopian model - Liya kebede

As such, we conclude our lists of commandments we thought you should know before dating a gorgeous Ethiopian woman. Fierce like her ancestors, loving like her mothers and as modern as the word modern gets, while keeping her charismatic womanly self-intact.

Additional Tips From Men’s Perspectives

Ethiopian Women Often Fall For Men Who Look Like Their Fathers

Ethiopian women are drawn to father figures in men. They often fall for men who look like their fathers. This is especially true for women who have positive relationships with their fathers. When a girl has a good relationship with her father, she also anticipates seeing a similar or better attitude and behavior from her boyfriend, both physically and psychologically. This is a result of the father’s traditional position in Ethiopian households. Fathers are the primary providers and protectors of their families in Ethiopia. His children look to him for direction in their lives. Accordingly, Ethiopian girls often seek these very things from their counterpart boy friends; to protect and provide them as a father would.

Matching Religion Has Always Been A Key Component of Dating

Ethiopian women adhere to their religion with great rigor. In Ethiopia, matching religion has always been a key component of dating and marriage. Ethiopian women frequently look for partners who share their religious beliefs. As a result, inter-religious relationships between followers of different faiths are extremely uncommon in Ethiopia. Even if a girl converts to the boy’s religion, it is more likely to end their relationship because of great societal and family opposition. Interfaith relationships and marriages may result in the condemnation of their parents and the society at large. As a result, it is extremely unlikely for an Ethiopian girl to date a boy of a different religion because doing so would require her to take a significant risk in terms of coping with guilt over defying her family and breaking traditions.

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