Transission Manufacturing Job Vacancy

November 11, 2023

Job Overview

Position: Mobile Assembler

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Deadline: November 19, 2023

About Transission Manufacturing PLC

Transsion Manufacturing Plc, a company which was established by merging Weiguo Yu, assembler of Tecno mobile phones and Junjie Lui, manufacturer of accessories, has a factory inside the Ethio ICT village, located around Bole Lemi Industrial Park.

The factory lies on a total area of 25ha and will bring together all of its ICT-related brands, namely Tecno, Itel, Infinix,Carlcare, and Afmobi.

Currently, the company has a factory for its home appliance brand Synix, which currently resides in Alemgena town where Tecno mobiles are assembled.

Job Requirement

Education: TVET Level 2,3,& 4 graduates in Electricity Automotive Technology, Information Technology, Electronics, Accounting, Marketing & other related discipline

Experience: Not required 0 years

Gender: Female

Required No: 180

Place of Work: Goro ICT Park Addis Ababa

Job Responsibilities

  • Work strictly as per the SOP, properly handle and use materials, products, semi-finished products, fixtures and equipment that is used in production
  • Inform any problem observed including if SOP is not hanged on their respective station
  • Actively take part in various technical training, improve their own ability
  • Keep the line and their station 55
  • Accept and work when they are assigned on their lines
  • The operators shall come on time according to factory standard time and leave work when they get permission from the team leader or line leaders
  • Responsible for any man-made defect if they make get a punishment according to the company (Reward and punishment rule)
  • Consciously understand and respect company rules
  • Obey team leader, line leader, PE, and department superior working arrangements and technical personnel process instruction
  • Execute any tasks given by the superiors.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates meeting the above requirements can submit their application by email [email protected] and in person at Goro ICT Park TECNO Mobile Factory.

NB: Specify the position in the subject field of your e-mail! * Application for Mobile Assembler *


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