This years Hajj

March 14, 2023

“Those of you who are planning to do Hajj this year, prepare your travel document (passport) already” – Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council

Ethiopia’s Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs has announced that discussions have been held with Majilis officials of regional and city administrations to provide better Hajj accommodation for the year 2015/1444.

It was discovered that this year’s Hajj reception will be done using IT technology during the 2015/1444 celebration of the honorable guests of Allah (Hujjaj) during a discussion on various preparatory works to make it efficient.

In order to reduce the number of pilgrims, it is said that the accommodation will be done through the houses of high Islamic affairs in each region, and it is stated that the regional Majlis will open more branches to facilitate their work.

During the discussion, she pointed out that a large number of guests of Allah (Hujjajs) who do not have registered regions can go to neighboring regions to get accommodation for Islamic affairs.

It is said that this year’s Hajj pilgrims will be given training by Ulemas about the Hajj system (Manasikel Hajj) before their journey.

Those who are planning to perform Hajj this year are invited to prepare their travel documents (passports) in advance.

It is known that this year’s Hajj accommodation fee will have some #increase in terms of foreign currency, and it will be announced after a few days, the Supreme Council of Ethiopian Islamic Affairs has announced.


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