March 14, 2023

Since last night, information about Mekelle University has been circulating on various social media.

This information:

  • The decision of the university to return to the work of learning and teaching,
  • It will start the work that it stopped during the war from next week.
  • The necessary #budget is released by the government,
  • 24 thousand current students will be able to complete education in the next 4 months
  • They state that they will accept new students from September 2016. However, the officials and employees of the university have stated that this is wrong information. Even Mekele University has not posted any information on its official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Regarding the spread of the information, Dr. Fana Hagos, president of Mekelle University, told the “Ethiopia Check” information filtering website that the university is working closely with the Ministry of Education to start work, but said that it will take its own time and process to repair the damage done to the university. “The university will start the work but not next week, it will actually take months to do that,” said Dr Fana. Dr. Fana stated that Mekele University has not yet made a call to students and said, “We (the university or the Ministry of Education) will make an official statement when we are ready to accept our students again.”
  • Credit: tikvahethiopia

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