SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia Vacancy Announcement

July 29, 2023

Job Overview

  • Category: Accounting and Finance
  • Position: Project Cashier
  • Location: Kelafo, Somali 
  • Career Level: Mid Level ( 2+ – 5 years experience)
  • Employment Type: Full time
  • Deadline: Aug 4, 2023

Job Description

Who we are

SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia is an International Non-governmental organization and a member of SOS Children’s Villages International Federation. We started our humanitarian work in Ethiopia with the opening of our first Village in Mekelle, Northern part of Ethiopia in 1974. Since then, we have expanded our programs to different regions where there are significant needs for intervention and where we believe we can work in partnership with all relevant actors to bring sustainable positive outcomes for children’s and young people.

Today, we have grown significantly to meet the persistent challenges that confront Ethiopian children who have lost parental care and those that are at risk of losing their parental care. Working in close collaboration with international donors, local government and community based organizations across seven program locations; we aspire that every child grows up with love, respect and security.

Why we need you?

We are looking for a Project Cashier who will be responsible for receiving payments made to the project, depositing cash and cheques received to bank account, effecting cash and cheque payments as per the directives thereon. Further the cashier carries out the activities of journalizing and posting of income and expenditures, debit and credit of various accounts timely and appropriately. He/she assists in the closing of accounts and preparation of financial statements

What we provide?

An amazing work environment that promotes personal growth through providing professional space to grow and advance your career!

Your role?

While working with us as a project cashier you will be in charge of the following,

  • Reviewing payment requests for accuracy, completeness, compliance, level of authorization and clarity on the invoices.
  • Reviewing disbursement requests for accuracy, documentation and validity; effect payment to the right vendor from the right project.
  • Reviewing accounts on regular basis to ensure the balances are complete and accurate;
  • Recording of all the project financial transactions into the SOS financial recording, meeting all submission dates, and reporting requirements as required by the immediate supervisor.
  • Assuring accuracy of supporting documentation for accounting records;
  • Organizing and maintain accounting filling system;
  • Preparing payroll and arranging timely payment of salaries.
  • Follow-up and control payable and receivable accounts.
  • Receiving original transaction documents, checks completeness and correctness and passes them to immediate supervisor.
  • Taking part in inventory taking and control of assets and stock items
  • Assisting the Location Finance coordinator / Project Finance and Admin Officer in the Implementation of the internal control system and financial procedures and manual of the organization.
  • Providing technical support to the project team in financial management related issues.
  • Follow up of daily cash position
  • Performs other similar duties as assigned by the project coordinator and as the emergency situation dictates.

Child Safeguarding

  • Responsible to take part in awareness raising sessions and capacity building trainings in relation to Child Safeguarding to prevent and protect children and young people from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and discrimination
  • Supporting children and young people to make them understand the CS risks and protection mechanisms
  • Responsible to report any CS suspicion, concern, allegation or incident immediately, following Child Safeguarding reporting procedures. CS reports should be made to the CS team at programme level and/or to the respective line manager

Job Requirements

Up for the challenge…

Then check out our criteria:

Must Criteria

  • Education: College Diploma in Accounting
  • Experience: 2 years relevant work experience  

Competencies – Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • Excellent Computer skill (MS word, MS excel)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong set of personal values including integrity, honesty and desire to be of service
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Good command of (both oral as well as written) English language
  • Good command of the local language and English
  • NGO experience is advantageous

How to Apply

Excited to take on a new Challenge..

Then send us your application (application letter, detailed CV containing contact detail of three references) electronically through SOS Children Villages Application portal (ICIMS)

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia holds strict child safeguarding principles and a zero-tolerance policy for conducts of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse in the workplace and other places where the organization’s activities are rendered.  Parallel to technical competence, recruitment, selection and hiring decisions will give due emphasis to assessing candidates value congruence and thorough background checks, police clearance reference check processes.

SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia provides equal employment opportunities to all co-workers & qualified applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or class.

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