Entoto Park (እንጦጦ ፓርክ) | Places, Gates, Entrance Fee & Contact Info 

Entoto Park (እንጦጦ ፓርክ) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

March 16, 2022

Entoto Natural Park is located on Mount Entoto, the northern border of Addis Ababa. It is about 5 km2. It takes more than a day to tour and engage in all park activities. Entoto park (እንጦጦ ፓርክ) is part of the Beautifying Sheger Project and is designed, made, and funded by Ethiopians. It has shops, resting areas\WC (every 1.5 km), cafeterias, restaurants, Kuriftu Resort, an art center, amphitheater, and free Wi-Fi. It was constructed in a year and was inaugurated on October 10, 2020.  

Entoto Park Entrance

Entoto Park has five entrances, four public, and one VIP.

Entrance 1 (Maya\ Maryam Gate) is from Shiro Meda to Entoto Maryam Church, 3.3 km from Shiro Meda Square. Maya Gate is the main entrance.

The main entrance of Entoto Park
The main entrance of Entoto Park

Entrance 2 (Sululta Gate) is on the road from Addisu Gebeya to Sululta, 3km from Addisu Gebeya square.  

Entoto Park, Sululta Entrance
Entoto Park, Sululta Entrance

Entrance 3 (Dil Ber\ Addisu Gebeya Gate) is on the road that turns to the right from Dil Ber, 3km from Addisu Gebeya square.

Entoto Park, Addisu Gebeya Entrance
Entoto Park, Addisu Gebeya Entrance

Entrance 4 (Shiro Meda Gate) is on the road from Shiromeda via kuskuam, 2.3 km from Shiro Meda Square.

The 5th Entrance is for VIPs.

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Entrance Fee & Parking

There is no entrance fee to enter Entoto park. You just need an identification document then you can go in. In addition to that since there is no car allowed in the park, you need to park your car at the gate so there is a parking service at all entrances (35 ETB per hour).

Opening hours & Working days of Entoto Park

Entoto Park is open every day from 5 AM to 6 PM (From morning 11 o’clock to evening 12 o’clock local time).

Rules and Regulations

  • Don’t go into the forest.
  • Keep the park clean by putting trash in recycle bins.
  • Bringing alcohol, cigarette, and other recreational drugs to the park is prohibited.
  • Report any illegal activity you may encounter. 

Places to Visit at Entoto Park – Let’s tour

Entoto park map
Entoto park map

Covid-19 Memorial Monument

Let me take you through the main entrance. This area was called “Nech Dingay” (white rock) due to the appearance of the stones in the area. Just as you get in is a memorial monument for Ethiopian health workers who made different sacrifices in the fight against COVID 19. 

Covid-19 Memorial Monument

Green Gold

The way down from the monument are shops, cafeterias, and Maya viewpoints. Green Gold here is one of the mini-projects made by investors who then rent the place from the government. Green Gold brings coffee to Entoto. It is a place where one can have coffee while enjoying the whole coffee ceremony, including the roasting. It also has a coffee gallery and lab.

Maya View Point, Entoto

Maya viewpoint is the landmark of Entoto Park. It is a circular building. From the top is a limitless view of Mount Entoto forest. You can appreciate Addis Ababa city through installed telescopes. The ground of the building is a cafeteria.

Maya View Point, Entoto
Maya View Point, Entoto

There are beautiful flowers, and different metal works around. They represent the women who fetch wood from Mount Entoto and sell them to other areas. It is a work with many risks, from back pain to rape. Many of these women were trained and now working in different parks and recycling plastic bottles.

“ተስፋ” (hope), one of the metal works in Entoto Park

The long road down from Maya View takes to Zoma village Entoto via Shiro Meda Gate. Zoma village is a disability-friendly space that is not yet completed but will include restaurants and has a great design.  

Taking the other route from Maya view takes us back to the monument. The Ethiopia letter sculpture with missing t is up from here and a path to the community football field, Bilo’s Pastry, Entoto Park Art center (a 60m x 30m exhibition gallery and amphitheater) health center. On the way (1.2km down) is a resting area with WC, Reading area, and O’levite Bistro Restaurant and Catering.

The straight road from Bilo’s Pastry will end up at Sululta Entrance. That is a shorter journey to take but leaves out all the games of Entoto. Those are for another day. There are the library, the park’s administration offices, and bike rental on the way out.

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Addisu Gebeya entrance is the closest entrance to Kategna bar and restaurant, mamma’s kitchen restaurant and catering service, Kaku traditional foods, Gelateria bakery, Entoto greenhouse, and Kuriftu restaurant. There are also some game zones near to Addisu Gebeya entrance, such as Archery (150 ETB per 10 arrows), Target shooting and Paintball (400 ETB), and Pedal go-cart ( 300 ETB).

Kategna Bar and Restaurant
Kategna Bar and Restaurant

Kuriftu at Entoto Park

Most of Kuriftu places are found at equal distances from both Sululta and Addisu Gebeya Entrance.

  • Kuriftu restaurant – The architecture of the house and the furniture is traditional. They have a variety of foods.
  • Trampoline (400 ETB) – Both children and adults can use it.
  • Kuriftu stables (200 ETB for riding horses) come with a field for children and people new to the sport. Adults can take their horse 5kms into the forest. Dr. Abiy Ahmed (Prime minister of Ethiopia) gifted around 27 horses. The horses have a veterinary follow-up.
  • Kid’s playground: 70 ETB for unlimited time.
  • Kuriftu spa – Kuriftu Spa has a sauna, different massages, and a yoga center. What makes the spa very special is the view from the spa room, Jacuzzi, and floating beds.
Kuriftu spa
Kuriftu spa
  • Zip line (500 ETB, 150m+300m) – It is the first zip line in Ethiopia that crosses through the Entoto forest. Underling is also the construction of an artificial lake. When the lake is completed, it will be a whole different experience.
  • Rope course (200 ETB): challenging and adventurous. It is a series of high element courses in a wooded area and has safety belts.
  • Modern tent (99 USD for single, 125 USD for couples)
Modern tent

This is for people who would like to stay overnight. The tent has a bedroom with a safe, two bikes, a coffee table, a boiler, chairs, a barbecue roasting spike, and a bathroom. For the guests using a tent, Kuriftu provides complimentary breakfast, a 25% discount on games, and a 40% discount on massage.  

Entoto Park is an excellent escape to the woods. It is a natural forest provided with different services. It still has ongoing projects, including an artificial lake and fountain. ATMs are not readily available, and you should take cash with you. Cars are not allowed in the park, only bikes. Temperature is generally cold, and it is a long walk. Get comfy and team up. Feed your body and mind. 

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Contact Info of Kuriftu Resort Entoto

We couldn’t find the contact info about Entoto park so we just put the contact information of the Kuriftu Resort Entoto branch.

See more about Entoto Park on YouTube

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