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Unity Park Addis Ababa

January 19, 2023

Unity Park (አንድነት ፓርክ/ Andinet park) is located in the National Palace of Arat Kilo, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was built within a year by the initiative of Dr. Abiy Ahmed in the Grand Palace, which was established in 1887 and was used by seven Ethiopian emperors and leaders. The park also has a shopping mall, free Wi-Fi, playground, cafeterias, outdoor theatre, and conference halls. The project took a budget of 5 billion Ethiopian birr and was inaugurated by government officials, ambassadors, and leaders of several African countries on October 10, 2019. It was made open to the public on October 14, 2019, and generated an income of over 2mill ETB within 15days. 

አንድነት ፓርክ unity park Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Unity Park

Tourist Attractions at Unity Park Addis Ababa

Black Mane Lion zoo

Black Mane Lion zoo at unity park Ethiopia

Being one of the two zoos in Unity Park, the black Mane Lions Zoo is a 170m cave designed for visitors to walk in and see the Black Mane Lions (endemic to Ethiopia) and Ostriches. The surrounding has trees, artificial waterfalls, and fountains.

Traditional Garden

Traditional Garden at unity park addis ababa

This traditional garden is the flora of endemic Ethiopian plants and has the aroma of different plants used as spices. It also has sculptures and different houses made by conventional methods. All materials used for building the houses and other garden areas are local. It is a great model for farmers to improve their lifestyles while supporting local businesses. The most popular of these houses is the camel house. It represents the tradition of Afar and Somali. The house is made of mud in the shape of two cuddling camels. This house is expected to undergo lithification after 150 years. Inside the house are different artworks. Another garden feature is the stems of two eucalyptus trees over 100 years old and has an entangled root system.


These pavilions have a collection of sculptures, crafts, and displays of traditional clothing and food making. They are a hub of their history, natural resource, tourist destinations, and rich culture and glimpse Ethiopia’s regional states.


Banquet hall (Gibir Adarash)

Banquet hall (Gibir Adarash)

Banquet hall (Gibir Adarash) was built between 1898 and 1899 during the reign of Emperor Menelik II, the founder of modern Ethiopia. The hall was made of mud with the help of the Pakistani, and its Islamic architecture touch is still preserved. The emperor used the hall for feasts. In 1963, Emperor Haile Selassie hosted a dinner for different leaders in the Organization of African Unity. The magnificent lamp holders in this hall were made during his reign. The hall was used as storage during the Italian occupation. It was renovated recently, and the “dinner for Sheger” fundraiser was held here. It has colourful window glasses and a statue of Emperor Menelik. In addition it has different household items and cups used by various royals.

Throne house (Zufan Adarash)

Throne house (Zufan Adarash) Unity park Addis Ababa

This hall was started by Emperor Menelik II and completed by Emperor Haile Selassie. It is made of stone and was used for different conferences. It has two parts built on the left and right of the main hall. These were made during the Italian occupation. The Cellar of the building was used to store foods and beverages during Emperor Menelik II and as a political prison during the Derg regime.

The building was furnished under the Unity Park Project, and the tiles and curtains were replaced. Kept in the hall is the statue of Emperor Haile Selassie, his crown and gown; the crown of Etege Tayitu, and the crown and hat of Emperor Menelik II. There are animations of myths, a brief history of different religions in Ethiopia, and profiles of the past Ethiopian leaders. The underground is now used for displaying videos and photographs related to the Derg regime.

Palace of Emperor Menelik II

Palace of Emperor Menelik II at andinet park

The palace of Emperor Menelik II is a complex of rooms used by different royals. Popular of this is what used to be Emperor Menelik II’s office, balcony, and prayer room; the egg house, which is named so because of its octagonal shape. Others are Etege Tayitu’s room, bedrooms of princesses, and the waiting room of Habtegiyorgis Dinagde. Emperor Haile Selassie was prisoned in what used to be Empress Zewditu’s room. Currently, the palace is a museum of household items, clothing, swords, coins, and jewellery.

Unity zoo

Unity zoo

Unity zoo is home to about 15 mammals, an aquarium (13 aquatic animals), and an aviary. The mammals include Lions, Giraffes, Ethiopian wild dogs, and Zebras. The aquarium here is the first public aquarium in Ethiopia. The aviary has abundant birdlife and is specially designed so the birds can fly both horizontally and vertically. The zoo has a veterinary clinic inside the compound and works to include more animals.  

|The above are the main attractions and are unique to Unity Park. It is an excellent example of how beautiful our diversity can be. Get your tickets and see what makes Ethiopia great.

Opening Hours of Unity Park Addis Ababa

  • From Tuesday to Sunday, 9 AM-4 PM
  • Family evening: Thursday\Saturday\Sunday, 5 PM-9 PM

Entrance Fee of Unity Park Addis Ababa

  • For Ethiopian residents (take your ID with you)
    • Regular: 300 ETB per person
    • Special: 1,100 ETB per person
    • Family evening: 1,000 per person
  • For foreigners (take your passport with you, payment is in USD)
    • Regular: 20 USD per person
    • Special: 50 USD per person
    • Family evening: 50 USD per person

NB. Special ticket includes tour guide and permission to visit Emperor Menelik’s Palace Complex.

Payment Methods

  • Via SMS to 6030 by valid phone number: text the day and month of your visit respectively (DD MM), each with two digits and with space separating the day from month; and follow the instructions
  • Via international payment cards\ Ethio Telecom from their website
  • In-person at Unity Park’s ticket office
  • Via Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Unity Park’s Visitor Code of Conduct

As Unity Park is located in the National Palace of Ethiopia, there are some serious protocols and restrictions placed on visitors in order to ensure the safety of the grounds. Since it is near to the Royal Palace and important government buildings, special care and security protocols have been put in place to protect the areas and the people within them. Therefore, it is essential that all visitors adhere to the visitor code of conduct while on the premises.

Prohibited Items in the Unity Park

While it is obvious that visitors cannot enter the park with any weapons, ammunition, explosives, or other objects that could endanger the park, visitors must also have a legitimate form of identification with them in order to enter the park. Moreover, the following items are prohibited from being brought into the park:

  • Sharp objects.
  • Flammable objects
  • Firearms
  • Food and beverages of any kind.
  • Chewing Gum
  • Beauty products
  • Personal video and photo cameras are permitted (but cell phones and tablets are not).
  • Laptop computers
  • Cigarettes including electronic cigarettes.
  • Narcotics
  • Pets

Prohibited Actions and Behaviours in the Unity Park

Along with the prohibited items, there are some actions and behaviours that are strictly forbidden in the park since they may disturb other visitors or affect the park’s environment. Below are some of the actions and behaviours that are prohibited in the park:

  • Walking on grass and white marbles.
  • Littering (including the use of tissue, paper, food, or water containers). Visitors can use the trash baskets made available.
  • Making contact with or leaning against artifacts, exhibits, walls, and projection or video screens
  • Making excessively loud noises.
  • Leaving children unattended.
  • Disturbing or agitating the animals in any way.
  • Dumping trash, food, or other materials into an animal’s enclosure.
  • Smoking cigarettes or using other types of narcotics.

Contact Information of Unity Park Addis Ababa

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