Top 10 Cinemas in Ethiopia

Top 10 cinemas in Ethiopia

March 27, 2023

The Ethiopian film industry has seen significant growth in recent years with the emergence of new talents and the increase in the number of film productions. Nevertheless, since the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has faced major challenges, such as the the closure of cinemas and limited access to funding and resources due to the economic impact of the pandemic. Despite these challenges, some filmmakers have adapted to the situation by exploring alternative distribution channels, such as online streaming platforms. However, recently, cinemas are making a comeback as people crave the unique experience of watching movies on the big screen. This resurgence of cinemas has also been fueled by the release of great movies that are best enjoyed in a theater setting, creating a renewed interest in the movie-going experience.  To make it easier for you to plan your next cinematic adventure, we’ve rounded up the top 10 cinemas in Ethiopia.

Gast Cinema

Gast cinema

Gast Cinema is indeed one of the top cinemas in Ethiopia. It is an excellent destination if you’re looking for quality entertainment in Addis Ababa. The cinema has a well-organized and well-built entertainment compound that boasts modern screening facilities and comfortable seating.

Alem Cinema

Alem Cinema

Alem Cinema is without doubt the go-to destination for those looking to experience the best of Ethiopian cinema, with its wide selection of locally produced films. It was the first privately owned cinema in Ethiopia when it opened in April 2004. The cinema runs two theaters with a combined seating capacity of more than 700. Moreover, the cinema shows kids’ movies on Saturday and Sunday.

Century Cinema

Ethiopian couples watching movie in century cinema

Century Cinema is another movie going option in Addis Ababa that offers a variety of international movies and has a modern and comfortable setting. The cinema is located in one of the best malls in Ethiopia, Century Addis mall.

Adot Cinema

Adot cinema

Adot Cinema is another must-visit destination for movie lovers, offering a wide range of movies from different genres.

Matti Multiplex Cinema

matti multiplex cinema

One of Ethiopia’s most popular and best cinema chains, Matti Multiplex Cinema, brings moviegoers the latest blockbusters from around the world at Edna Mall in the Addis Ababa city center. Matti Multiplex Cinema is a three purpose-built cinema complex which is a perfect place to watch box office movies.


The Cinema Empire

Empire cinema

The Cinema Empire is one of the most popular spots for movie lovers in Addis Ababa. Along with screening local Amharic films, this cinema screens Western made films.

Agona Cinema

Agona Cinema is also a great option for movie enthusiasts with comfortable seating arrangements that make for an immersive cinematic experience.

Sebastopol Cinema

sebastopol cinema

Sebastopol Cinema is another of the best cinemas in Ethiopia, offering a unique movie-going experience with its vintage decor and comfortable seating arrangements. The cinema has three screens, and exclusively shows Ethiopian movies.

Africa Cinema

Africa Cinema is a well known cinema that can accommodate about 300 audiences. Formerly known as Sina Cinema, it has been renovated and modernized to provide a comfortable and enjoyable movie experience.

  • Phone:  +251911591743
  • Website: Not Available
  • Location: Kolfe Karanyo District., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Eyoha Cinema

Eyoha Cinema is another popular cinema that is on our list of the top 10 cinemas in Ethiopia.


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