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Adanech Abebe biography

March 26, 2022

Adanech Abebe is a renowned Ethiopian politician and government official. Predominantly, Adanech is the first-ever female mayor of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city. She is the 32nd mayor of the city since 1910. Adanech is known for strictly fighting corruption in Ethiopia by undertaking significant structural changes. Moreover, many recall her for her important role in mobilizing resources to support the military operation in the Tigray region.

Adanech Abebe

Quick facts

  • Full Name: Adanech Abebe
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Ethiopian
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Married/Single: Married
  • Husband: Teshome Abebe
  • Occupation: Politician, Government Official
  • Political Party: Prosperity Party
  • Family
    • Father: Abebe Deso
    • Mother: Information Not Available
    • Sibling: 5
    • Children: 2
  • NET WORTH: Not Available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Adanech Abebe?

Adanech Abebe is the 32nd mayor of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

  • Is Adanech Abebe married?

Yes, Adanech Abebe is happily married to Teshome Abebe

  • Does Adanech Abebe have any child?

Yes, she is blessed with two children.

Early Life & Family

Born to Ethiopian parents, Adanech Abebe hails from Ethiopia’s Arsi Zone, Oromiya region. Little is known about her family, but it is recognized that Abebe Deso is her father. She is the only daughter of the six children of Abebe Deso. Adanech’s father, Abebe Deso, was a well-respected man in the province. He had greatly influenced the community of his age positively. As a result, many in the province take Abebe as their role model.

Abebe Deso also founded a school named Irrecha Primary School in the region. Besides, he was also on one of the parent committees. When the school started giving service in 1977, Adanech was the school’s first female student. Owing to her father, she got the chance to freely educate herself in a village where girls’ education is threatened by child marriage. Adanech’s father, taking the first step, roused one other family to let their female child go to school. Henceforth, only two girls got the chance to enroll in the school.

Observing this, her progressive father designed a way to break the intergenerational cycles of women’s disadvantages in education. He started to discriminate against parents who didn’t want to allow their female children to attend school. And this caused the addition of another three girls to the school. Although a total of five girls enrolled in the school, Adanech and the other one were the only ones who made it through the Grade 6 National Exam (Ministry Exam).


Adanech never shares details of her personal life with the public media. As a result, her personal information remains obscure. However, in her interview on the popular TV show ‘Seifu on Ebs,’ Adanech revealed that she has a beloved husband. Adanech’s husband is known to be Teshome Abebe. And in her interview, she added that the duo is blessed with two children; a boy and a girl. In the interview, she described her husband as a caring and supportive person. She even credited her husband for her educational progress.


In 2001, Adanech Abebe completed her undergraduate studies in law at the Civil Service University. Moreover, in 2010, Adanech completed a graduate program in leadership at Greenwich University in the U.K.

Professional Life and Career History

Adanech Abebe began her career in a role of an elementary school teacher. She then progressed to a director position at the school. However, Adanech shifted to politics in time. Adanech Abebe is a versatile professional; she has worked in different regional and federal institutions. Furthermore, Adanech is a great leader; leadership is in the blood of Adanech. She had even been a class monitor when she was in grade three. This talent, accompanied by different work experiences, has made Adanech an ideal forerunner in every organization she has enrolled in.

In 2001, Adanech became an attorney in Oromia Justice Bureau. Then, in the 1997 E.C Ethiopian election, she won a seat in the House of People’s Representatives by representing the people of Aseko region. In the HPR, she had served as the chairing officer. After that, she served as the head of Oromia Labour and Social Affairs Bureau for two years.

In addition, Adanech had headed the Oromia President’s Office for a year. Later on, she took a director position in the Oromia Development Association (ODA). Adanech then served the organization for five years with outstanding leadership. During her administration period, she made profound changes to the association. In addition to this role, she was also appointed as the Mayor of Adama City. She was the first female mayor of the city. Under her administration, she broke the chain of corruption customary in the city.

Afterward, Adanech joined the prime minister’s cabinet as the Minister of the Ministry of Revenue and Customs Authority of the government of Ethiopia. Adanech gained public attention in this position due to the significant measures in the fight against institutional corruption and bribery. After serving here for two years, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed switched her to a new position as Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia. Soon afterward, she was endorsed as the deputy mayor of Addis Ababa. A year later, Adanech became the 32nd mayor of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, with 138 voices. Adanech has included two individuals from the opposition parties in her cabinet. Till today, she has been working as the Mayor of Addis Ababa.

In her career, Adanech appears to be a firm and outspoken person. She never hesitates to confront any bungling or misconduct. Besides, many testify to her honesty and loyalty. Adanech has never abused her power for personal gain. She has never sought to acquire undeserved benefits from public money, even if she is in a significant governmental position. Even if her close relatives still live in mud houses and unsuitable accommodation, she hasn’t misused a penny of government money for her own and relatives’ interests.

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