Biography of Mulu Solomon | Childhood, Education, Career, & Diplomacy

Biography of Mulu Solomon

February 4, 2023

H.E. Ambassador Mulu Solomon is an Ethiopian diplomat, businesswoman, and author who has had a long career in government and international organizations. Ambassador Mulu Solomon has held numerous positions of influence throughout her career, including the role of Chairwoman of the Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions. She has headed more than 50 Ethiopian and international organizations and unions. More importantly, Mulu has served as a special envoy, ambassador, extraordinary, and plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the Federal Republic of Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, the Republic of Poland, and Ukraine.

Childhood and Early Life

Mulu Solomon posing for a camera

Mulu Solomon was born in the Ethiopian region of Oromia in 1958, in the town of Qarre Goha. Her father, Solomon Bezuneh, was a parlama member of the Ethiopian parliament. However, he passed away when Mulu was five, leaving her mother to raise her and her six siblings on her own. Owing to her mother, Mulu became a highly educated and successful individual. Her mother taught seven children, and each child had at least earned a degree.

Mulu attended primary school at Qarre Goha Primary School. Mulu, on the other hand, had to continue her education by traveling 83 kilometers after eighth grade. She rented a room from her relatives in order to be close to her school. But she faced a big challenge from her mother, who refused to let her live alone. Moreover, Mulu had to overcome the traditional belief that only boys should get a good education. Despite all these obstacles, Mulu persevered and succeeded in pursuing her educational goals.


Mulu attended Fiche Secondary School after finishing primary school. She then attended Addis Ababa University, where she graduated with a degree in secretarial science. However, she was never satisfied with her educational journey and wanted to continue learning. Working as a secretary, Mulu pursued her Masters of Arts in Development Studies from Addis Ababa University. While she was pursuing her education, she was pregnant with twins. Despite this obstacle, Mulu was still determined to complete her studies. She even finished her studies after giving birth to her twins. Currently, Mulu is doing her PhD in peace and security.

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Mulu Solomon in her office

Mulu had worked from being an ordinary employee up to key governmental and international positions. Mulu is the first ever woman to be appointed as president of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce. Her nomination for the position was an indication of how far she had come in her career. Without her presence, she was nominated anonymously. They explained the situation to her when she arrived in Ethiopia. But she somehow objected to the nomination by citing her absence. However, under the pressure of her beloved people, she accepted the nomination. However, it wasn’t simple for her. She faced a great deal of difficulty and opposition from journalists. They criticized her, claiming that she couldn’t compete with her well-known rivals. But she kept going and was determined to prove them wrong. Mulu won by 112 votes, beating her closest rival, who had 63 votes.

Ambassador Mulu Solomon

During her time as president, she brought profound changes to the organization. The membership of the union increased from 60,000 to 350,000 during her leadership. Moreover, she made the members work faithfully without corruption and pay taxes properly. She was also instrumental in getting the government to recognize active taxpayers. Furthermore, Mulu had also worked for the IMF and World Bank in the Sub-Saharan region for nearly 5 years as an advisor.


Ambassador Mulu Solomon in Germany

Mulu had done an excellent job representing her country as an ambassador. She played a big role in convincing the Gemany government to support her country in different aspects. This includes projects related to elections, biomass, TVET, education, and other things. Every time and anywhere Mulu has to represent her country, she always wears a Habesha Kemis.

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