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Zinash Tayachew biography

December 29, 2022

Zinash Tayachew, born in 1978, is an Ethiopian philanthropist and gospel singer. More importantly, she is the fourth First Lady of Ethiopia, the wife of the current Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. Along with her professional affair, she is also an emerging gospel singer. She rose to fame and enjoyed popularity due to her husband’s remarkable political role in Ethiopia. However, Zinash, on her own, has won many fans and followers with her social and humanitarian activity.


Quick Facts of Zinash Tayachew


  • Full Name: Zinash Tayachew
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Ethiopian
  • Religion: Evangelical Christian
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Married/Single: Married
  • Husband: Abiy Ahmed
  • Occupation: Philanthropist; the gospel singer
  • Assumed Office: April 2, 2018


  • Date of Birth: January 13, 1978
  • Place of Birth: Gondar, Ethiopia
  • Age: 44 years old (as of 2022)
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


  • Eye Color: Not Available
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Height: Not Available
  • Weight: Not Available


  • Father: Tayachew Bere
  • Mother: Not Available
  • Sibling: Not Available
  • Children: 4; Deborah Abiy, Rakeb Abiy,Amen Abiy, and Million Abiy


  • Net Worth$1 Million – $5 Million

Detailed Zinash Tayachew Biography


Zinash Tayachew was born on January 13, 1978, in the ancient city of Gondar (Armachiho), Ethiopia. Her father is called Tyachew Bere. Although there is not much detail about her parents, it is reportedly told that Zinash is the grand-daughter of a famous Anti-Fascist patriot named Dejazmatch Birre Zegeye of Armachiho.

Zinash graduated her secondary school from Fasiledes School found in Gondar. Afterward, she joined the contemporary Ethiopian National Defense force. Presumably, she served the Ethiopian Defense Force as a singer. More interestingly, it was there where she met her soul mate and husband, Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

Before Abiy’s endorsement as a prime minister, Zinash and her family traveled between Ethiopia and the United States. But, when her husband, Abiy Ahmed, started to become one of the prominent role players in accelerating Ethiopia’s political reform, Zinash and her three daughters were forced to leave their homeland for their safety. During their exile, they resided in Denver, Colorado. During her exile in Denver, it was purportedly told that Zinash and her family endured many hardships and financial struggles.


The love story of Zinash Tayachew and Abiy Ahmed started when they both were serving the Ethiopian Defense force. Then, their relationship came to mature into a happy marriage. Dr. Abiy Ahmed often describes his wife as the replacer of his dead mother.

Zinash and Dr. Abiy are proud parents of three daughters: Deborah Abiy, Rakeb Abiy, Amen Abiy, and Million Abiy. The pair adopted their youngest child, Million, from Kibebe Tsehay Orphanage when he was three months old.Zinash appeared personally in court throughout the adoption procedure.

Zinash permitted to adopt a child


Since April 2, 2018, Zinash Tayachew has been working as the fourth First Lady of Ethiopia, succeeding the former first ladies: Regina Abelt, Azeb Mesfin, and Roman Tesfaye.

Zinash Tayachew, with her administration, is working a lot to improve the lives of many Ethiopians in social and economic aspects, with a particular focus on women and children. According to the Office of the First Lady-Ethiopia, Zinash Tayachew’s four significant initiatives are:

  1. Promote quality education through nutrition intervention
  2. Women’s economic empowerment
  3. Mental health awareness and better care, service and treatment
  4. Protection of the most vulnerable

Focusing on these initiatives, the First Lady is devotedly working to improve nutrition, mental health, women’s economic empowerment, and the protection of the most vulnerable ones. At the same time, First Lady Zinash is working with stakeholders to diminish child malnutrition, early marriage, abduction, rape, and female mutilation. Her office also provides legal support for sexually abused girls and homeless children.

Zinash Tayachew in philanthropy works

Moreover, Zinash Tayachew is effectively working to deliver quality education for all school-aged children in the country. Significantly, the First Lady is reaching out to the most marginalized groups throughout the country. The reason that drives her to build a school is that many young girls in rural Ethiopia quit school after completing primary schools because high schools are not available in their areas. As a result, Zinash, with her office, is now committed to alleviating obstacles that children are facing to access high school education. So far, Zinash, with her excellent leadership role, has headed her office to construct more than 20 high schools in different parts of Ethiopia; and there are many more to come.

Furthermore, Zinash has launched many projects that benefit the disabled and special needs community. She donates and provides different assistive devices (like wheelchairs) for these communities.

Zinash has also planned to construct boarding schools for the blind and the disabled. In addition, on October 12, 2021, the office of the First lady of Ethiopia has also provided modern reader gadgets for 150 visually impaired people after providing them training on how to use the equipment. The office has also renovated Sebeta School for the visually impaired, spending 12 million Birr.

The Office of the First Lady of Ethiopia executes its projects by allocating funds from different countries and donors. This includes money from government ministries, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, foreign embassies, and individual donors. Additionally, the sale of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s book “Medemer” has brought in a sizable sum of money for the Office to fund projects in its different projects.

Moreover, Zinash personally took part in multiple philanthropic efforts on her own, such as providing medical supplies to vulnerable families in Ethiopia and distributing supplies to impoverished schools and communities. Besides, Zinash participates in blood donation campaigns in order to help those in need of blood transfusions and medical treatment. Doing so, she sets an example as a first lady who selflessly dedicates her time and energy to helping those in need, even going beyond the scope of her official duties to personally reach out to those suffering from poverty and hardship.

Alongside her work as a First Lady, Zinash travels with her husband to various countries on diplomatic visits and attends official state functions in her capacity as his wife. 


Apart from her professional role, Zinash is drawn into spiritual songs. She is a devout  Evangelical Christian. On account of this, Zinash serves the local and abroad Church as a gospel singer. Till now, she has made three songs.

In 2020, Zinash released a 6-minute gospel titled ‘MAREN’ during the corona outbreak. In her song, Zinash begs for God’s mercy over the people as the world was terrorized by bad news from the pandemic. The world continues the battles against coronavirus. Moreover, she has also released two other singles titled “Dinqii” and “Beka Alkew.” Zinash released her debut album in 2022, titled “Ababelkegn,” which included these singles. In the album, she sings worship, praise, and thanksgiving songs, drawing on her experience as a gospel singer. Zinash has used her platform to promote gospel music and celebrate her faith. As a result, she has received many positive feedbacks from the Ethiopian evangelical community.

You can watch her song clips here.



FAQs of Zinash Tayachew

  • Who is the wife of Dr Abiy Ahmed? Zinash Tayachew is the beloved wife of Abiy Ahmed.
  • When is the birthday of Zinash Tayachew? Zinash Tayachew celebrates her birthday on January 13 every year
  • Where is the birthplace place of Zinash Tyachew? Zinash Tayachew was born in the ancient city of Gondar (Armachiho), Ethiopia.

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