Top 20 Best Romance Ethiopian Movies of All Time (2022 Update)

Romantic Ethiopian Movies

April 8, 2022

The film industry of Ethiopia is an emerging industry. Although there is more space to progress, many talented directors and producers are coming up with outstanding Ethiopian movies. So far, Ethiopian movies have been revolving in genres like romance, comedy, and drama. In this article, we pick the top 20 best romance Ethiopian Movies of all time. We started from our least to most favorite Ethiopian Movies.

20. YIMECHISH-YARADA LIJ 2 ይመችሽ-የአራዳ ልጅ 2

  • Director: Biruk Tamiru
  • Producer: Shadow Film Production
  • Leading actor/actress: Eyob Dawit, Selam Tesfaye, Tariku Birhanu
  • Year: 2016
  • Runtime: 1h 55m
  • Plot: It is a movie about a woman whose hopes are dashed because of her cancer diagnosis. However, her hope began to rise when she met a caring young man.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Ethiopian movie (YIMECHISH-YARADA LIJ 2 ይመችሽ-የአራዳ ልጅ 2) here.

19. ALMAZE አልማዜ

  • Director: Esmael Hassan
  • Producer: N/A
  • Leading actor/actress: Addisalem Getaneh, Selam Tesfaye, Esmael Hassan, Kassahun Fiseha
  • Year: 2014
  • Runtime: 1h 38m
  • Plot: It is a movie that shows the challenge of a young man in love with a wealthy girl.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Ethiopian movie (ALMAZE አልማዜ) here.

18. KEMIS YELEBESKULET ቀሚስ የለበስኩለት

  • Director: Henok Ayele
  • Producer: Zeritu Kebede
  • Leading actor/actress: Zeritu Kebede, Dibekulu Tafesse, Henok Mehari,
  • Year: 2014
  • Run time: 1h 40m
  • Plot: A slightly tom-boyish college girl (played by Zeritu) who refuses to date, stating it is a waste of time since we all are alone. The character eventually finds love and gets in touch with her femininity that nature initially intended.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Ethiopian movie (KEMIS YELEBESKULET ቀሚስ የለበስኩለት) here.


  • Director: Le tibeb
  • Producer: Fikre G/egziabher
  • Leading actor/actress: Yemariyawork Alemayehu, Sibuh Paulos
  • Year: N/A
  • Run time: 1h 49m
  • Plot: It is set on two faculty students, Danny, the campus dream boy, and Gelila, a serious-minded introvert with little patience for his games. The two sharing campus life together end up bound by intense love.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full movie (COMPARADA) here.

16. NEGE ነገ

  • Director: Alebachew Arage 
  • Producer: Alebachew Arage, Sara Mario, Daniel Girma
  • Leading actor/actress: Hiwot G/Selassie, Adis Wendim
  • Year: N/A
  • Plot: The story shows the story of one young girl who has been the black ship of the family. Born and raised in wollo region, this young woman faces the hardship of dealing with two orphans as her dying mother promises to take care of them before she considers making a living of her own. The young woman is put to the test as she faces lots of temptations in her life after moving to Addis Ababa, starts growing up, and falls in love. Nege shows the sacrifice that people make when they are deprived.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Ethiopian movie (NEGE ነገ) here.

15. YILUGNTA ይሉኝታ

  • Director: Mikael Milion
  • Producer: Mikael Milion
  • Leading actor/actress: Girum Ermias, Meron Getnet, Shiwaferaw Desalegn
  • Year: 2012
  • Runtime: 1h 36m
  • Plot: A man, who has a habit of wanting to please everyone, reluctantly plans to marry a woman after she tells him she is pregnant with his baby. But he soon forms a friendship with another woman who needs him to pretend he is her husband to convince her parents of her achievements. He has to juggle not disappointing her family while keeping this situation a secret from his parents.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Ethiopian movie (KEMIS YELYILUGNTA ይሉኝታ) here.

14. ADINAS አዲናስ

  • Director: Henok Ayele
  • Producer: Roman Befkadu
  • Leading actor/actress: Roman Befkadu, Behailu Mamo
  • Year: 2015
  • Run time: 1h 56m
  • Plot: a diaspora woman from America hopes of working at her father’s company, which is based in the capital city of Addis Ababa. Her whole world crumbles when she finds out her father has plans to send her to a factory in a rural town called Enjebara, over 400 kilometers (248 miles) from the capital. As she’s used to a luxurious lifestyle, this is a perplexing request. Succumbing to the dares around her, she finally rolls up her sleeves and gets to work in the rural town for six months. The film’s heroine soon realizes that a city she thought of as unsophisticated and dull introduces her to the love of her life, offering her the experience of a lifetime.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full movie (ADINAS አዲናስ) here.

13. BALETAXIW ባለ ታክሲው

  • Director: Yonas Berhane
  • Producer: Roman Befkadu
  • Leading actor/actress: Mikiyas Mohammed, Roman Befkadu
  • Year: 2011
  • Run time: 1h 43m
  • Plot: The story shows a young wealthy businessman’s sacrifices to get the woman he loves. After sawing her waiting for a cab after her car breaks, he borrows a taxi from a friend to pick her up every day, and eventually, they build a relationship.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Ethiopian movie (BALETAXIW ባለ ታክሲው) here.

12. KIYA ኪያ

  • Director: Alazar Desalegn
  • Producer: Nigus Film Production
  • Leading actor/actress: Solomon Muhe, Marta Goitom, Chernet Fikadu
  • Year: 2019
  • Runtime: 1h 45m
  • Plot: A young couple finds love while studying in school but suddenly loses it due to unexpected circumstances. After some years and having lost touch, the woman seems to have accepted the situation and moved on and found another love, but the man has yet to give up on finding her again?
  • Youtube Link:

Watch the full Amharic movie (KIYA ኪያ) here.

11. YEGZER DILDIY  የእግዜር ድልድይ

  • Director: Anteneh Haile
  • Producer: Anteneh Haile
  • Leading actor/actress: Henok Wondimu Mamo, Tseganesh Hailu
  • Year: 2016
  • Runtime: 1h 40m
  • Plot: The Ethiopian movie is about two lovers living in a time of the Derg regime when freedom was a luxury and no one was beyond the treacherous grasp of the authorities. As one of the authorities craved the girl, he tortured and agonized her boyfriend. However, the duo struggled and fought for their love.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Ethiopian movie (YEGZER DILDIY  የእግዜር ድልድይ) here.

10. KEZKAZA WELAFEN (ቀዝቃዛ ወላፈን)

  • Director: Theodros Teshome
  • Producer: Theodros Teshome
  • Leading actor/actress: Shimelis Abera (Joro), Tesfu Berhane, Chirotaw Kelkay, Belaynesh Amede, Aster Bedane.
  • Year: 2003
  • Runtime: 2h 7m
  • Plot: A beautiful young man pursues her education, rejecting a marriage proposal from a rich man. During her university stay, she found a caring boyfriend who has sacrificed a lot for her.
  • Youtube link:

9. BECHIS TEDEBIKE (በጭስ ተደብቄ)

  • Director: Fitsum Asfaw
  • Producer: Eshetu Tadele and Fitsum Asfaw
  • Main actors: Selam Tesfaye, Girum Ermias, Aziza Ahmed, and Fitsum Asfaw
  • Runtime: 1hr 44 min
  • Plot: The story is about a drug addict who is secretly in love with his neighbor, but the girl is suffering from the sight of love from another man. The girl is also a drug addict but she becomes jailed for a car accident she didn’t commit. When she got out she became cured of her addiction. The story is about how he waited for her for 2 years and confesses his love and finally got out of his addiction.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Ethiopian movie (BECHIS TEDEBIKE (በጭስ ተደብቄ)) here.

8. AMALAYU አማላዩ

  • Director: Anteneh Girma
  • Producer: Kirubel Asfaw
  • Leading actor/actress: Mahder Assefa, Tewodros Seyoum, Girum Ermias, Haregewein Assefa
  • Year: 2011
  • Run time: 1h 43m
  • Plot: A womanizer, who is only driven by sex than women, once falls in love with a strict, beautiful girl. Then, the guy chased her and wanted to settle with her.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full movie (AMALAYU አማላዩ) here.

7. PENDULUM (ፔንዱለም)

  • Director: Henok Yele
  • Producer: Tomas Getachew (Tom Film Production)
  • Main actors: Etsehiywet Abebe, Rekik Teshome, Amanuel Yilma, Michael Million, and Mesfin H/eyesus
  • Runtime: 1hr 48 min
  • Plot: A tailor who is madly in love with a manipulative women, finds an amazing  girl who love him for who he is, but he takes it for granted until finally he realizes that  he has been chasing the wrong  girl.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full movie (Pendulum (ፔንዱለም)) here.

6. SILEANCHI (ስለ አንቺ)

  • Director: Belay Getaneh
  • Producer: Rediat Yaregal & Binyam Andarge
  • Leading actor/actress: Sayat Demissie, Leoul Solomon
  • Year: 2009
  • Runtime: 1h 47m
  • Plot: This Ethiopian movie is a love story of Wondwossen, a 20 years old high school student raised in solitude by an abusive father who is a lieutenant general. The young boy Wondwossen is bullied for his naive personality in high school. But, as he gets close to a girl named Fikir, who grew up in a condition entirely different from his, he finds in her a friend, a lover, a meaningful world, and the courage to stand up to his father.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full movie (SILEANCHI ስለ አንቺ) here.

5. ALADANKUSHIM (አላዳንኩሽም)

  • Director: Fitsum kasahun
  • Producer: Abinet Agonafir
  • Year: 1998 E.C
  • Runtime: 1hr 57min
  • Main actors: Yohanis  Afework, Dawit Abate, Mulugeta Megersa, and Samrawit Terefe
  • Plot: a convicted criminal escaped from prison to find his beloved girlfriend, but unfortunately he finds her dead at the hand an innocent doctor and he began seeking revenge.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Amharic movie (ALADANKUSHIM (አላዳንኩሽም)) here.

4. SEKARAMU POSTA (ሰካራሙ ፖስታ)

  • Director: Roman Ayele
  • Producer: Serawit Fikre
  • Main Actor: Solomon Bogale, Abeba Desaleny, Yeshiwas Atnafu, and Azeb Wondesen
  • Runtime: 1hr 51 min
  • Plot: Two friends stole a Posta from a post delivery man for fun but latter when they open and read it they found a shocking urgent message in it, so they decide to deliver the Posta themselves, to the recipient who lives in the country side. This Ethiopian film is about their journey to their destination.
  • Youtube Link:

Watch the full Amharic movie (SEKARAMU POSTA (ሰካራሙ ፖስታ)) here.

3. 400 FIKIR (400 ፍቅር)

  • Director: Abinet Belay
  • Producer: Biniyam Alemayehu
  • Main actors: Girum Ermias, Ruta Mengisteab, Abebe Werku, and Fikirte Desaleny
  • Runtime: 1hr 40min
  • Plot: A very shy office man is in love with his boss’s daughter but he is unable to impress her, so seek help from his identical twin brother, who is a boxer an a serial womanizer. It is one of the best Ethiopian movies.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Amharic movie (400 FIKIR (400 ፍቅር)) here.

2. REBUNI (ረቡኒ)

  • Director: Kidist Yilma
  • Producer: Galaxy film production
  • Main actors: Ruta Mengistesb, Amanuel  Habtamu, Abinet  Ayele, and Yeabsira Teklu
  • Runtime: 1hr 54 min
  • Plot: A wealthy factory owner who is having trouble in his marriage, meets a unique country girl who is the owner of the land he was trying to buy. Through the negotiation, she taught him about love and shows him a different side of life. It is one of the best Ethiopian movies.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Amharic movie (REBUNI (ረቡኒ)) here.

1. HERMELA (ሄርሜላ)

  • Director: Yonas Birihane
  • Producer: Ethiofilm PLC
  • Main actors: Girum Ermias, Sofia  Shibabaw, Fikadu T/Mariam, and Jemanesh Solomon
  • Runtime: 1hr 43min
  • Plot: The story of Kasahun, a pathologically romantic man who is madly in love with a university student called Hermela. The movie is about how he tries to get her affection in an unorthodox way by terrorizing her and her family. The movie is based on a true story. It is one of the best Ethiopian movies.
  • Youtube link:

Watch the full Amharic movie (HERMELA (ሄርሜላ)) here.

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