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Biography of Dawit Dreams

November 13, 2022

Dawit Ghebre-egziabhier, also known as Dawit Dreams, is a motivational speaker, trainer, life success coach, consultant, and author. He is the founder and CEO of DREAMS Life Success Coach, a company that was created to help individuals first dream about their lives and then achieve the life they desire. Dawit Ghebre-egziabhier is a paradigm shift expert who has helped thousands of people across Ethiopia change their lives by opening their eyes to a better life. Moreover, he works to help people go through obstacles, challenges, and tribulations in life with a positive attitude. Dawit Dreams is renowned for his distinctive approach to personal growth and the useful motivational coaching services that his company offers.


Dawit Dreams speaking

Dawit Dreams was raised in a loving family. Because of how accommodating his parents were, he and his siblings have adopted a similar attitude. Dawit has been influenced to avoid politics by his parents as well. However, his parents never modeled for him how to become wealthy and powerful in society.

Life Journey

Dawit Dreams on Ebs Tv interview

Dawit Dreams began his journey from scratch when he arrived in Ethiopia from neighboring Eritrea. He had just 3000 Birr in his pocket when he arrived, which meant nothing to start a business. Dawit lived in the Haya Hulet area of Addis Ababa during his early years there. He began doing different types of work. His daily income ranged from 500 to 1000 birr after he opened computer centers and, later, a maintenance shop.

Dawit Dreams had also started a cafe, where he can make about 15,000 birr per day. His business abruptly came to an end after operating for about three to four months due to road maintenance. He was informed that the maintenance would last for six months, but it actually took three years to complete. He consequently lost about 5 million Birr and became very depressed when he recalled his unfortunate time in Ethiopia following his failed business. As a result, Dawit lost hope and started to question his purpose in life.

However, he did not completely despair; instead, he remembered how much his mother loved him and made the decision to fight for her and his family. Following that, Dawit wrote a brief card outlining his incredible dream of transforming Ethiopia and Africa while earning 1 million Birr every month. He then began reading that dream card each morning. After some time, Dawit began to believe his dream and act on it. He used to put in 24- or even 36-hour workdays. After a short while, Dawit started to reap the rewards of his hard work.

The Name ‘Dawit Dreams’

While Dawit Ghebre-egziabhier was teaching and mentoring at his company, people started calling him Dawit Dreams. And the word “dreams” is an acronym, which stands for “D” for Dawit, “R” for Relentless, “E” for Ethiopian, “A” for African, “M” for Motivational, and “S” for Speaker.

Life Style

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Dawit begins his day with prayer and thanksgiving every time he gets out of bed, which is at 5:00 p.m. The following 30 minutes are spent by him in meditation, visualization, and planning. And he performs a quick workout at six in the morning. After that, he has breakfast and then takes a shower. Before 8:00 a.m., Dawit Dreams enters his office and begins his daily tasks. Planning, evaluating, coaching, marketing, and management are among his daily tasks. Dawit leaves work early and gets home just before nine o’clock and will listen to education once he gets home and then take a shower. Moreover, Dawit Dreams only consumes milk for dinner rather than any food.

Best Motivational Videos

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