Meklit Micro Finance Institution S.C Vacancy Announcement

July 20, 2023

Job Overview

  • Category: Accounting and Finance, Management
  • Position: Risk Management and Compliance Service Head
  • Location: Addis Ababa 
  • Salary: As per the company scale
  • Deadline: Jul 24, 2023

Job Description

Meklit Microfinance Institution S.C is a transformed Commercial Microfinance institution S.C initially established according to proclamation no. 40/96 and recently revised proclamation 626/2009 issued by National Bank Of Ethiopia to provide financial and non-financial services to Medium, Small Enterprise and  the low income people, particularly women, at both urban and rural areas of Ethiopia.

Meklit MFI is currently looking for candidates Risk Management and Compliance Service Head The successful candidates will have skills and experience that meet the following requirements:


  • Prepares risk management plan with the objective to identify, measure, control and monitor risks so as to ensure the building of a reliable and strong microfinance Company;
  • Develop appropriate risk identification techniques suitable for the Company;
  • Conduct risk assessment to identify measure and rank risks so as to plan the risk management activities of the Company;
  • Prepare and present reports on “operational risk” to ensure that the Company is not negatively affected from any failure on internal processes, people and system or from external events.
  • Present reports on “liquidity risk” of the Company to ensure the its ability to meet its obligations or its cash flow needs;
  • Present reports on “interest rate risk” to ensure that interest paid to depositors and interest rate on loans are adequately managed to cover financial costs and other expenses to continue the business on a sustainable manner;
  • Forwards recommendation with an appropriate action plan on how to control or mitigate the observed risks;
  • Follows up and present reports on how risk monitoring tasks are performed by the concerned work organs of the Company.

Number required:                   One

Term of employment:             Permanent

Date of Application:               From July 19, 2023 to  July 24, 2023

Job Requirements



  • B.A. degree in Accounting & finance, management and other related fields of study.
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in any financial Company or related organization.


  • Demonstrated technical ability, ability to interact and work effectively with others at all levels;
  • Firm belief in teamwork and gender equality;
  • Basic computer skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. 

How to Apply

Interested applicants who fulfill the above requirements are invited to submit their CV along with non-returnable credentials within Five (5) working days from the date of this announcement to the respective mentioned registration places of the institution and, the email indicated.Places of Registration: At our Head Office Located at Urael Church to the Atlas Hotel On  Degol Building first floor or near to Amen Building  ( Buna International  Bank Urael Branch ) 1st Floor. Post Office Box: 27634/1000 A/A OR, email [email protected]/[email protected]

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