It has been decided that landlords will not increase the rent until June.

March 11, 2023

Addis Ababa administration cabinet held its 2nd year 11th regular meeting and passed various decisions.

Decisions passed by the Cabinet:

  1. Discussed and decided on the 35 hectares of land prepared for the construction of 100,000 houses in a 70/30 system of public-private partnership.
  2. Land request for 373 projects of various projects of national significance and job creation, namely:
    2.1. For industrial development
    2.2 Hotels and Malls;
    2.3 Religious institutions,
    2.4 Previously decided by the Cabinet, the proposed land change areas are temporary use areas for various construction sites.
  3. Based on current cost of living and market stability, a task force has been established to urgently bring and distribute the product to the city.
  4. Based on the fact that it is difficult for mothers who provide food for students to provide it at the current price, it approved an additional budget of 54,000,000 birr (fifty four million) per month and 540,000,000 birr (five hundred and forty million) per year for student food; This means that for one student, twenty birr per day has been increased to twenty three birr.
  5. Landlords have been advised not to increase rents until June due to rising prices and market instability. (Addis Ababa City Administration). Source – @tikvahwthiopia

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