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Eshetu Melese

May 2, 2022

Eshetu Melese is an Ethiopian outstanding comedian and TV host whose name has risen to stardom in the Ethiopian entertainment industry. He is best known for his standup comedy and his youtube shows. In his stand-up comedy, Eshetu’s jokes and sense of humor never fail to create contagious laughter. His audience laughs at anything that comes out of his mouth. Eshetu finds it very easy to drop irresistible jokes leaving his audience in tears of laughter.

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Owing to his performance, the talented comedian replaced the popular comedian stars Dereje and Habte. Beyond the humorous contents, Eshetu’s jokes are educational and political. He enlightens his audience’s awareness by intermingling different social and political issues in his jokes. Unlike many other humorists, Eshetu never targets racialized and gendered identities. Rather he pokes and slams many ethnic conflicts and nationalist political elites in his jokes.

Eshetu Melese Biography – Early Life and Education

Eshetu Melese was born in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. However, following his father’s death, Eshetu with his mother moved to Adama, Ethiopia. Adama is where he had spent his childhood and attended his high school. After finishing high school, Eshetu graduated in theatrical arts from Addis Ababa University.

Eshetu Melese’s Professional Life

Eshetu Melesse began his career as a radio program host in a popular radio drama called Yegna; which is a radio program funded by the UK and other sponsors. Afterward, he switched to performing 1 hour-long stand-up comedy. In his stand-up comedy, he presented humorous and informative political jokes, which appeals to the youth. He performed his comedy to different university students across the country. In his comedy, he ventilated the political activism and ethnic tensions in the country.

Later on, Eshetu found a new role at EBS television hosting an interesting TV program named ‘Yebeteseb Chewata’. This role helped him to gain more popularity in the country. Subsequently, Eshetu shifted to delivering his comedy shows on his youtube channel. On his youtube channel, Eshetu compiles different comedy and entertainment shows with a variety of content. Especially, one of his shows named ‘Dink Lijoch’, which invites different talented kids, has many viewers on youtube.

Moreover, his youtube incorporates a popular show named ‘Eshe kebetu’ which was first started during the Covid-19 pandemic outburst. This show touches on different political, economical, and social issues of the world. Furthermore, there is another social show on his youtube that gives a chance to different individuals like cab drivers, commercial sex workers, teachers, street kids, students, maids, and farmers so they can share their stories. In addition, Eshetu releases documentary videos revolving around different topics. His documentary about combating the invasive weed called ‘Emboch Aram’ in the Lake Tana is one to remember.

Apart from his comedy works, Eshetu has scripted and directed two Ethiopian movies. When he was in university, Eshetu directed a movie titled ‘Fikir Ayaskorijim’. Besides, he has also directed another movie titled ‘Yetebesa Kine’. Nevertheless, these movies are unpopular and have only a few viewers.

Eshetu Melese Net Worth

Although Eshetu Melese’s net worth is not specifically revealed, it is considered that he earns a lot from his youtube channel. According to, Eshetu Melese’s youtube channel (Donkey Tube) has a net worth of $ 59.8K – $ 359K.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eshetu Melese

  • Who is Eshetu Melese?

Eshetu Melese is an Ethiopian outstanding comedian and TV host whose name has risen to stardom in the Ethiopian entertainment industry.

  • Is Eshetu Melese married?

No, Eshetu has not married yet.

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