100+ Oromo Names For Boys With Meaning

Oromo names for boys

June 14, 2022

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A lot of thought goes into giving your baby a name. One of the things that should be considered is culture (and language). That is why we prepare unique and meaningful Oromo names for boys so that you can choose. We also include names with religious background and famous Oromo names for boys at the end.

Here are 100 the modern and unique Afan Oromo names for your baby boy with their meanings. Written in bracket is their spelling in Afan Oromo. All the best!

List of 100 Afan Oromo Names and Meanings

1. Abdi (Abdii)

Meaning – Hope 

2. Aboma (Abboomaa)

Meaning – One who gives order and exercises control 

3. Adugna (Addunyaa)

Meaning – World 

4. Akaku (Akaakuu)

Meaning – Type , Class 

5. Aante (Aantee)

Meaning – Ally, One who is not an enemy 

6. Angafa (Angafa)

Meaning – Elder, Leader of community, one who is greater 

7. Ararsa (Araarsaa)

Meaning – One who settles disputes

8. Bati (Baatii)

Meaning – Moon 

9. Beno (Beenoo)

Meaning – Message  

10. Begna ( Beenyaa)

Meaning – Compensation 

11. Beka (Beekaa)

Meaning – Scholar

12. Bekuma (Beekumaa)

Meaning – In knowing, With awareness 

13. Barihe (Barihee)

Meaning – The sun has risen 

14. Birra (Birraa)

Meaning – The spring season, One that brings to life 

15. Boharsa (Bohaarsaa)

Meaning – A person who entertains others 

16. Bonsa (Boonsaa)

Meaning – A person who makes others proud 

17. Bulcha (Bulchaa)

Meaning – Governor 

18. Bulti (Bultii)

Meaning – Marriage, Overnight stay 

19. Burqa (Burqaa)

Meaning – Source 

20. Dambal (Dambal)

Meaning – Wave, The name of a rift valley Lake in Oromia (Lake Ziway)

21. Dandi (Daandii)

Meaning – A path 

22. Dansa (Dansaa)

Meaning – Good 

23. Danu (Danuu)

Meaning – Plenty, Abundant 

24. Dinaol (Diinaol)

Meaning – One who is greater than an enemy 

25. Dula (Duulaa)

Meaning – A warrior, A knight 

26. Ebba (Eebbaa)

Meaning – A blessing 

27. Ejeno (Ejjennoo)

Meaning – Decision, Intent  

28. Facisa (Faccisaa)

Meaning – Defender

29. Falmata (Falmataa)

Meaning – An advocate 

30. Fayisa (Fayyisaa)

Meaning – One who heals 

31. Firanol (Firaanol)

Meaning – One who is more valued  than a relative 

32. Gada (Gadaa)

Meaning – A democratic system of governance in Oromo tradition

33. Gachano (Gaachanoo)

Meaning – One who shields, A protector 

34. Galana (Galaanaa)

Meaning – Ocean 

35. Gamado (Gammadoo)

Meaning – One who is happy 

36. Gari (Gaarii)

Meaning – Good 

37. Garuma (Gaarummaa)

Meaning – Kindness, Goodness

38. Gobana (Goobanaa)

Meaning – Full moon 

39. Gulanta (Gulantaa)

Meaning – A  recruiter, Criteria\Standard   

40. Guma (Gumaa)

Meaning – Fruit, Compensation 

41. Gurmesa (Gurmeessaa)

Meaning – One who organizes 

42. Gutu (Guutuu)

Meaning – Full, Perfect 

43. Guyo (Guyyoo)

Meaning – Of the daytime 

44. Hachalu (Hacaaluu)

Meaning – One who is destined to win 

45. Hamba (Hambaa)

Meaning – Heritage, Inheritance 

46. Hamiltan (Hamiltan)

Meaning – One who catches the attention 

47. Hayu (Hayyuu)

Meaning – Noble, A knowledgeable man, A wise person 

48. Hika (Hiikaa)

Meaning – One who gives a solution 

49. Hirko (Hirkoo)

Meaning – One who provides support 

50. Hirpha (Hirphaa)

Meaning – A helper 

51. Hubata (Hubataa)

Meaning – One who is insightful 

52. Hundanol (Hundanol)

Meaning – A grand person, Superior to everything 

53. Hunde (Hundee)

Meaning – A foundation, Root 

54. Hundesa (Hundeessaa)

Meaning – One who establishes 

55. Hunduma (Hundumaa)

Meaning – Everything 

56. Ifa (Ifaa)

Meaning – Bright 

57. Imala (Imalaa)

Meaning – A traveler, A migrant 

58. Jalata (Jaallataa)

Meaning – One who loves, Compassionate 

59. Kananisa (Qananiiisaa)

Meaning – One who is cherished 

60. Kansa (Kansaa)

Meaning – His 

61. Kebek (Keebeek)

Meaning – One who knows what is his

62. Kena (Kennaa)

Meaning – Gift 

63. Kiya (Kiyyaa)

Meaning – Mine 

64. Koket (Kookeet)

Meaning – What is mine is yours

65. Kuma (Kumaa)

A thousand, One with a great value 

66. Kutano (Kutannoo)

Meaning – Commitment 

67. Labsi (Labsii)

Meaning – Proclamation, A notice 

68. Lami (Lammii)

Meaning – Citizen 

69. Latera (Lateeraa)

Meaning – It has sprouted

70. Lencho (Leencoo)

Meaning – Brave, Courageous 

71. Marara (Mararaa)

Meaning – Appealing, Handsome  

72. Milkesa (Milkeessaa)

Meaning – One who carries out a task 

73. Moibon (Mo’iiboon)

Meaning – One who takes pride in wining 

74. Murti (Murtii)

Meaning – Judgment 

75. Nabeki (Naabeekii)

Meaning – One who knows what Is good for me, Paternal 

76. Nafira (Naafiraa)

Meaning – My relative

77. Natanan (Naataanaan)

Meaning – That is  suitable for me

78. Nayad (Naafyaad)

Meaning – One who thinks of me (favors me)

79. Nimona (Niimoonaa)

Meaning – We will be victorious 

80. Obsa (Obsaa)

Meaning – One who is patient 

81. Ofijan (Ofijaan)

Meaning – My kind, One who is like me

82. Olani (Olaanii)

Meaning – One who is destined for greatness 

83. Oljira (Oljirraa)

Meaning – Higher in rank 

84. Oliwaq (Oliiwaaq)

Meaning – From heaven 

85. Oliyad (Oliiyaad)

Meaning – One who thinks big 

86. Rabira (Rabbirraa)

Meaning – One who is given by God

87. Raya (Raayyaa)

Meaning – Army, A tribe of Oromo  

88. Robera (Roobeeraa)

Meaning – It has rained (figurative)

89. Robsan (Roobsan)

Meaning – Given in abundance 

90. Sagni (Sanyii)

Meaning – Seed 

91. Siduna (Siiduunaa)

Meaning – One who we would die for

92. Sifana (Siifana)

Meaning – One who I owe 

93. Solan (Soolan)

Meaning – Direct, Honest, Righteous, Handsome 

94. Sura (Surraa)

Meaning – Grace 

95. Tolera (Toleeraa)

Meaning – It has gone well 

96. Tumsa (Tumsaa)

Meaning – Assistant 

97. Walabuma (Walabummaa)

Meaning – Freedom

98. Yadata (Yaadataa)

Meaning – One who remembers 

99. Yerosan (Yeroosan)

Meaning – At his own time, by God’s timing

100. Yomiyu (Yoomiyyuu)

Meaning – At all times, Resilient 

Names of Famous Oromo Men

Sometimes we want to name our kids after other people. It could be to keep their legacy or because we are found in their work. Whatever your reason is, if you are thinking of naming your child after famous Oromo men, you have come to the right place. Below are names of famous Oromo people with their meanings you should consider.

  1. Hacaaluu: let him win; after Hachalu Hundessa who was a notable songwriter, singer, and civil rights activist.
  2. Abdiisaa: his hope; after Major Abdisa Aga who was a patriot in the Ethio-Italy war.
  3. Qananiisaa: favorite and cherished; after Kenenisa Bekele, long-distance runner.
  4. Fayyisaa: that who heals; after Feyisa Lilesa, a long-distance runner who was in exile after protesting against the killing of Oromo People as he finished a marathon.
  5. Nagaasoo: peaceful; after Dr. Negasso Gidada who was an author and former president of Ethiopia.
  6. Guyyoo: of the daytime; after Guyo Wario, a journalist at Oromia media network.
  7. Mararaa: adorable; after Prof. Merera Gudina, politician and founder of Oromo National Congress (ONG).
  8. Gammachuu: happiness, after Dr. Gemetchu Megerssa, renowned anthropologist and author.  

Religious Oromo Names For Boys

It can be hard to decide between giving your child a name of religious or ethnic origin. But, you can hit the two birds with the same stone. Here, we have collected names for Oromo Muslim and Christian boys.  The Christian names can also be used for other religions as they relate to one God. Of the Muslim names, most have Arabic origin but are traditionally viewed as Islamic.

Muslim Names

  1. Rabbirraa (Rabira): from Rabb (Allah).
  2. Ali: Champion. Also the name of renowned singer Dr. Ali Birraa.
  3. Mansuur: Victorious. Also the name of Mensur Jemal, a successful businessman.
  4. Jawaar: precious stone. Also the name of Jawar Mohammed, political analyst, and activist.
  5. Ibraahim: father of many. Also the name of Sheik Hajji Ebrahim Tufa, president of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council.

Christian Names

  1. Waaqtolee (Waktole): God has been good to us.
  2. Waaqjiraa (Wakjira): God is there for us. Comparable to “Jehovah Jireh.”
  3. Naahor (Nahor): elder brother of Abraham in the Bible. There is another perk to the name; it also means ‘be fruitful’ in Afaan Oromoo (as in “Naa hoor”).
  4. Kennasaa (Kenasa): Gift of God.
  5. Kansaa (Kansa): the one who belongs to God.

Which one should I use?

As I mentioned in the introduction part, there are many things to consider while choosing a name for our beloved child. Besides Culture and language, one should consider the meaning and uniqueness. So whatever you feel meaningful and unique name, you can pick. Which Afan Oromo names did you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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