Dafa Soap and Detergent Manufacturing PLC Vacancy Announcement

September 8, 2023

Job Overview

Job Requirements

  • Age: Under 30 years old
  • Graduated with a college or above degree, in HR or a relevant major, with a minimum of one year of HR work experience.
  • Excellent at English, Amharic, and Oromifa, including listening, speaking, and writing, and being able to accurately translate one to another.
  • Good at computer skills, such as Word and Excel.
  • With a good personality, such as confidence, hard-working, reliable, and aggressive at work

Wage and benefits:

  1. The company does not provide food and accommodation.
  2. Subsidies such as transportation subsidies, attendance bonuses, holiday gifts, holiday bonuses, and phone bills will be distributed.
  3. Salary: negotiable!

Without relevant work experience, around 6000birr.

Having relevant work experience, over 7000 birrs.

  1. If your daily work is not completed, you may need to work overtime.

How to Apply

Address: Kebele 08, Woreda Sebeta Hawas, Oromia Special Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia (Behind Furi Railway Station, 10 minutes drive from Jemo 3 roundabout)

Welcome aspiring individuals to join us enthusiastically.

If you are interested in the position we are recruiting, please send your resume to the following email. Thank you!

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

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