CARE Ethiopia Vacancy Announcement

September 6, 2023

Job Overview

  • Category: Accounting and Finance
  • Location: Head Office (HO), Addis Ababa 
  • Career Level: Junior Level (1+ – 2 years experience)
  • Employment Type: Full time
  • Salary: $521.00
  • Deadline: Sep 16, 2023

Job Description


The assistant accountant is responsible for the collection of cash or checks from Donors and funders. S/he facilitates travel/project advance settlement, refund from vendors, and other sources. This includes the provision of cash receipt invoices for all collections and deposits of the same into respective bank accounts. She/he also files financial documents, stamps all invoices as paid and issues checks to customer, vendors and staff whilst registering all checks sequentially in a cash register book. The position holder will also manage the petty cash fund for head office, coordinate the timely collection of bank deposit advices, and serves the finance department in admin assistant functions.

II.    Responsibilities

Job Responsibility #1:  Cash collection (30%)

  • Receives cash and checks on pre numbered cash receipt invoices of the organization and deposits the collections in respective banks on the same or next business day.
  • Properly registers unused check pads, signed checks, transfers letter papers and blank cash receipts and keeps checks in the safe box properly.
  • Submits a copy of cash receipts together with bank deposit slips to the assigned accountant daily or on the next working business day.

Job Responsibility # 2:  Petty cash custodianship (30%)

  •  Maintains petty cash fund in safe box and ensure access to the fund is limited only to this position.
  • Ensures that all documents presented for petty cash replenishment are pertinent and are as per the organization’s petty cash policy.
  • Disburses petty cash following review and approval of petty cash payment vouchers by authorized signatories as per CARE’s documentation policy.
  • Maintains daily records of payments, ensures that documentation on all payments are complete, accurate, and in conformance with CARE’s policy.
  • Conducts reconciliation of cash on hand with petty cash disbursements so that total of both tally with the petty cash float.
  • Participates in surprise petty cash counts and follow up action
  •  Follows up the replenishment of cash in a timely manner.

Job Responsibility # 3: Disbursements (30%)

  • Facilitate the signing of checks and bank order letters as per the check signing schedule.
  • Verifies source documents for proper approval/authorization before checks and transfer letters are released for payment.
  • Receives signed checks and bank payment orders; manages the issuance of checks to staff members, vendors, counter parts, partner organizations, etc… and also sends checks via registered mail or approved drivers to the respective vendors.
  • Ascertains that acknowledgement is received from payee and filed with cash disbursement vouchers and other documents.
  •  Stamps paid mark and cross-references all invoices and other financial supporting documents daily.
  •  Informs payees, procurement, and requesting units of availability of checks for collection as well as for timely collection of checks.
  • Issues withholding tax receipts to vendors.  
  • Prepares weekly reports for uncollected checks.
  • Ensures that performance/advance bonds and other commercial documents (CPOs, insurance bond, etc.) are properly and safely filed and safe. Facilitates release of the same upon written order from the accounts manager.
  • Ensures that all unused official documents and vouchers of the organization are properly registered and are available in sufficient quantities

Job Responsibility # 4:  Admin assistant function (10%)

  •  Makes copies of correspondences, reports as required.
  •  Compiles reports and other documents binding them when requested.
  • Keeps custody of stationary items and ensures availability at all times.
  • Ensures that photocopying, duplicating and binding machines are properly working and reports on any malfunctioning immediately to the supervisor.


  • Be observant of any misbehavior regarding gender and report it to the responsible person.
  • Produce sex disaggregated data at HH, community, project, program and organizational level as   appropriate.
  • Uphold gender and diversity values of CARE whenever dealing with staff, communities and partners.

Job Requirements

III. Qualifications


  • Diploma or Degree in accounting from Vocational School or equivalent combination of education and work experience.
  • 2 years of relevant work experience for diploma holders 1 year of relevant work experience for first-degree holders in Human Resources Management or related work.


  • College diploma/degree
  • Able to work accurately.
  • Confidence in handling money
  • Knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Good skills in computer applications
  • Firm belief in teamwork, gender equality, sensitivity to HIV/AIDS, participatory approach and sustainable development.       
  • Able to communicate in a friendly and efficient manner.

How to Apply

If you are interested to be part of our dynamic team, exciting work environment and contribute to CARE Ethiopia’s mission and vision, please send your CV (not more than 3 pages) and cover letter (not more than one page) through

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Passionate and dedicated candidates who meet the requirement are strongly encouraged to apply, especially women!

CARE seeks to improve the lives of the most marginalized, particularly women and girls. Our diversity is our strength. We encourage people from all backgrounds and experiences to apply.

CARE Ethiopia is committed to preventing all unwanted behavior at work. This includes sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, and child abuse. We expect everyone who works for us to share this commitment by understanding and working within the CARE Safeguarding Policy and related framework. CARE Ethiopia has a zero-tolerance approach to any harm to, or exploitation of, a vulnerable adult or child by any of our staff, representatives, or partners.

CARE Ethiopia reserves the right to seek information from job applicants’ current and/or previous employers about incidents of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment the applicant may have been found guilty to have committed or about which an investigation was in the process of being carried out at the time of the termination of the applicant’s employment with that employer.

By submitting the application, the job applicant confirms that s/he has no objection to CARE Ethiopia requesting the information specified above. All offers of employment will be subject to satisfactory references and appropriate screening checks.

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