Zubeyda ( ዙቤይዳ ) PDF

fiker eske meqabir ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር

Zubeyda ( ዙቤይዳ ) is an Amharic book that is a collection of short novels, written by the famous Ethiopian author Alex Abram( አሌክስ አብርሀም ).

Zubeyda ( ዙቤይዳ ) contains 24 short novels. The book especially covers memorable and nostalgic Ethiopian high school and childhood stories.

Especially Zubeyda ( ዙቤይዳ ) – About a poor boy who falls in love with a beautiful girl named Zubeyda.

አምዱሊላሂ ደህና ናት – a wonderful, sweet, and memorable short story about a student who suffers alone without telling his love in his heart.

Alex Abraham is a very popular author among Ethiopian youths and he is a wonderful author who previously wrote a book called Dr Ashebir ( ዶ/ር አሸብር ) which is also a collection of short novels. Now he has brought us a new Collection of short novels called Zubeyda ( ዙቤይዳ ). I invite you to read it.