Telmid (ተልሚድ) | Free Amharic Book PDF  & Review

fiker eske meqabir ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር

Telmid (ተልሚድ) is an Ethiopian novel written by Yismaeke Werku in 2003. It is the author’s 5th book

The author is a famous young Ethiopian writer who introduces science fiction writing to Ethiopian literature. He tries to blend them into the traditional and ancient wisdom of Ethiopia. Because of these, he is able to captivate the young generation of Ethiopia.

The novel’s main character, Telmid, lost his arm because of a car crash orchestrated by his enemies. Tseday, his lover, a poor woman who suffers from an incurable disease called “Mordara” whose palliative medication is hard to listen to…..let alone speak. To know about the medicines of the disease, read the book.

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