Letum Aynegalign (ሌቱም አይነጋልኝ) | PDF  & Book Review

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Letum Aynegalign (ሌቱም አይነጋልኝ) is a novel written by the famous Ethiopian author Sibhat Gebre-Egziabher. The book, was published in 2000. It has a genre of romantic fiction novels with adult content.

Letum Aynegaliny is the most controversial book in Ethiopian literature history because of its free use of adult languages that are taboo for Ethiopian audiences.

The book narrates the party life of Addis Ababa in the 1970s, revolving around a neighborhood called  ‘Wube Bereha,’ well known for its drunks, prostitutes, and nightclubs. Like his previous book Tikusat, this novel is also a true story based on the author’s autobiographical account.

By portraying himself as one of the characters in the book Sibhat reveals himself shamelessly and narrates his party life in wube bereha. He also openly talks about his different affairs with prostitutes of wube bereha. But the young generation of Ethiopia loves the book for its openness.

Apart from his books, Sibhat is also well known for controversial interviews with different journalists. Because of these, Sibhat is considered one of the few Ethiopian authors loved by both generations. The book was also translated to French in 2004.

The book contains adult languages that are taboo for our society, so it is strictly recommended for adult audiences only.

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