Kibur Dingay (ክቡር ድንጋይ) | Free Amharic Book PDF  & Review

fiker eske meqabir ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር

Kibur Dingay (ክቡር ድንጋይ) is a novel written by the young Ethiopian author Yismake Worku. The book was published in 2013 and has a genre of fantasy fiction.

Kibur Dingay translated to English as glorious stone, narrates the story of a man who is fascinated with magic. One day while experimenting with ancient magic spells, he accidentally turns himself into a black dog. The book is about the struggle of this dog trying to return to his home. Throughout this long journey, he makes many observations about the peripheral Ethiopian society. The author strongly criticizes the norms and politics of Ethiopian society

Yismake Worku is a young Ethiopian author who writes in the genres of Science Fiction and fantasy. His books have become national bestsellers; his Sci-Fi novel series “Dertogada” alone has sold a quarter-million of copies.

This book is recommended for those who are interested in fantasy stories. It is also beneficial for the young generation of Ethiopians who would like to know the political climate of that time.

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