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fiker eske meqabir ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር

Hadis (ሀዲስ) is an Ethiopian novel written by the famous author Bealu Girma. The book sets its plot in a small town in the western part of Ethiopia called “supi”, the author’s birthplace.

The book’s main character Hadis Sahile is a second-year student at Addis Ababa University who quits his study to help his poor mother. He moves to a small town called “supe,” and the governor of that town is Fitaweari Teka. Aynalem Teka is the daughter of this governor, ooooh, her beauty.

In this book, the author shows us the last days of atse Haile sillasie’s regime and depicts society’s attitude towards education and modernization.

“ጨቋኝ ግዥዎች ሲሞቱ አገዛዛቸውም አብሮ ያከትማል ፤  የስማእታት አገዛዝ የሚጀምረው ግን ከሞቱ ብሗላ ነው።” 

ክመጽሀፉ የተወሰደ

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