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fiker eske meqabir ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር

Eyariko (እያሪኮ) is a series of three Ethiopian novels written by Azerg. The series narrates about a young teacher who is in the quest of building a great school called Eyariko.

These books are comedy-type books written to captivate the attention of the young generation. But it also gives a general knowledge, it slightly covers a bit of everything, from politics to philosophy, from sport to sexuality, from love to religion and so on.

It is highly recommended for those who like entertainment and some general knowledge.

”መከራ ስቃይ እና በደል ሲደርስብህ መጮህ ያለብህ 7 ወይም 77 ጊዜ አይደለም 777 ጊዜ እንጂ”

Eyariko (እያሪኮ) Book

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