Top 15 Best Ethiopian Shows & Dramas in 2022 (Updated)

Top 10 Best Ethiopian Shows & Dramas in 2022

October 17, 2022

There are many Ethiopian shows and dramas currently aired on different Tv streams and Youtube channels. Even though most of them are amazing that can provide desired value, some are under-quality shows that might disappoint the viewers. That’s why we pick the top 15 best Ethiopian shows and dramas for you to enjoy.


1. SEIFU ON EBS - Best Ethiopian TV show

Description: Seifu On Ebs is one of the popular Ethiopian shows hosted by comedian and radio host Seifu Fantahun. This weekly show is full of amusing comedic pieces, topical monologue jokes, musical guests or acts, and interviews. Celebrities, sports, musicians, comedians, and other human interest subjects are among the guests on the show. With audience involvement, the comedian and talk show presenter takes a lighthearted look at current events in the news and culture. Seifu is noted for his quick wit and off-the-cuff humor, earning him a seat on one of Ethiopia’s most popular entertainment shows.

Host: Seifu Fantahun

Television: EBS TV

Show schedule: Sunday

DINQ LIJOCH (ድንቅ ልጆች)

2. DINQ LIJOCH (ድንቅ ልጆች) - Best YouTube channels in Ethiopia

Description: Dink lijoch is an Ethiopian famous show on YouTube, which is produced and hosted by Comedian Eshetu Melese. The YouTube show features appearances by different talented kids. In doing so, the show depicts how the elderly are making mistakes that will affect future generations. Moreover, with their sweet expressions to the host, these moppets will share their opinions and views on many different conversation topics about life. The purpose of the show is to allow these interviewees to speak about peace, unity, nature, and global warming in their own words.

Host: Eshetu Melesse

Youtube Channel: Donkey Tube

Youtube Link:

EHUDIN BE EBS (እሁድን በኢቢኤስ)

3. EHUDIN BE EBS (እሁድን በኢቢኤስ)

Description: Ehudin Be Ebs is a weekly show which comprises a variety of infotainment programs. The show is hosted by famous TV hosts and artists including Asfaw Meshesha, Nafkot Tigistu, Mekdes Debesay, and Tinsae Berhane. Depending on the number of topics following the thematic discussion, the show may include many segments. The presentation is intriguing, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats for the entire three hours of the show. The show is considered to be in the format of a magazine, with small updates on what’s going on in town, guest appearances, Wello, live music, cookery, and more.

Host: Asfaw Meshesha ,Nafkot Tigistu, Mekdes Debesay & Tinsae Berhane

Television: EBS TV

Show schedule: Sunday


4. YEBETESEB CHEWATA (የቤተሰብ ጨዋታ)

Description: It is an interesting Ethiopian game show in which two families compete to answer the most popular survey questions. The contesters will be considered correct if their answers match with the corresponding answers given by random 40 people from the public.  Winners are rewarded with cash and big prizes. In each episode of the show, eight contestants from two separate families compete for cash and prizes. The family that wins seven matches in a row will win big prizes like cars and a real estate apartment house. The show has been hosted by popular artists and comedians including Netsnanet Workineh and Eshetu Melesse.

Host: Netsnanet Workineh

Television: EBS TV

Show schedule: Tuesday & Friday


5. TECHTALK WITH SOLOMON - One of the best Ethiopian Tech shows

Description: TechTalk With Solomon is one of the popular Ethiopian TV shows with a tech focus. The show aims at educating and informing its target audience on relevant and current scientific and technology topics, such as computers, robotics, personal electronics, new inventions, medical technology, and space science. Moreover, by delivering a new sort of TV program that can engage, educate, and empower its audience, this show works to address crucial issues in the technology sector and overcome the massive information gap between developed and developing countries.

Host: Solomon Kassa

Television: EBS TV

Show schedule: Friday

FANA LAMROT (ፋና ላምሮት)

6. FANA LAMROT (ፋና ላምሮት)

Description: Fana Lamrot is a well-known music talent show that provides a platform for outstanding vocalists and musicians a chance to showcase their talent. Big prizes will be awarded to the winners. This show aims at developing music stars and works to evolve talented artists so that they can flourish in Ethiopia’s music industry. In doing so, the show unearths some of the country’s top musical talents. In this television program, many different contestants from Ethiopia perform and audition in front of distinguished judges to win the competition. The show is packed with emotional auditions that moved audiences to cry.

Television: FANA TV

Show schedule: Not Available

KIDAMEN KESEAT (ቅዳሜን ከሰዓት)

7. KIDAMEN KESEAT (ቅዳሜን ከሰዓት)

Description: Kidamen Keseat is an interesting weekly show that is currently airing on EBS TV. It is among infotainment Ethiopian shows in magazine format and it packs programs related to lifestyle, tea time guests, book reviews, music, cooking segment, physical exercise, and many more. The television show features all the programs in a trendy style interspersed with links by its hosts and presenters.

Host: Yonas Kebede, Lula Gezu, Etsegenet Yilma, and Abreham Kibreab

Television: EBS TV

Show schedule: Saturday


Adey Drama Poster

Description: Adey is one of Ethiopia’s most watched and well-liked television dramas. It is a drama that revolves around the life and journey of two families that are interlinked with a 17-year-old girl. While the central theme of this drama is love, it also  focuses on family, friendship, honesty, indigenous knowledge, and vengeance. So far, the drama is on season 5. Adey drama features young casts paired with experienced actors and actresses.

Host: Not Available

Television: ABOL TV & EBS TV

Show schedule: Tuesday


Besintu Drama Poster

Description: Besintu is a TV sitcom that has recently been one of the most viewed programs in Ethiopia. The comedy drama features popular and experienced actors and actresses, including Alemayehu Tadesse, Meskerem Abera, and Seyoum Teferea. The sitcom drama also gives important roles to several young, unknown actors. This sitcom revolves around a family with members of different ages.

Host: Not Available

Television: EBS TV

Show schedule: Thursday


Mirtu Gebeta Poster

Description: In the well-liked television program Mirtu Gebeta, enthusiastic cooks from all over Ethiopia compete against one another in weekly culinary challenges to improve their skills and win various weekly prizes. The contest is viewed and judged by famous experienced chefs.

Host: Not Available

Television: EBS TV

Show schedule: Thursday


Eregnaye Drama Poster

Description: Eregnaye is an Ethiopian popular drama that has been aired on Arts TV. The drama drew large audiences because of its distinct theme and content. By deviating from the prevalent theme of the Ethiopian film industry, Eregnaye showcases a new form of storytelling by combining traditional Ethiopian ways with contemporary modes. The drama portrays the significant but forgotten Ethiopian culture and wisdom with a highly detailed plot. In this new dramatic form of Ethiopian drama, love, hate, and revenge prevail throughout the drama. The drama has four seasons and features many popular casts, including Mulualem Tadesse, Diribwork Seifu, Abebe Balcha, Solomon Bogale, Sayat Demisse, Amanuel Habtamu, and others.

Host: Not Available

Television: ARTS TV

Show schedule: Not Available


Sekela Show poster

Description: Sekela is an Ethiopian best talk show hosted by the famous actress Tigist Girma. In the show, several artists and influential people come to share their life experiences.

Host: Tigist Girma


8. #TIME

Description: #time is a Kana TV original entertainment Ethiopian show that features the most recent music, entertainment, trends, celebrity culture, fashion, movies, and video games. Hosted by Danayit Mekbebe, the show comprises everything trendy. Moreover, the show offers its audiences the most recent local and foreign music along with interactive weekly Top 10 songs. As viewers are engaged with five different portions each week, the music will tie the show together. Furthermore, the show’s presenter Danayit spends a fun time with many celebrities by playing funny and entertaining games.

Host: Danayit Mekbebe

Television: KANA TV

Show schedule: Saturday & Sunday

BETOCH (ቤቶች)

9. BETOCH (ቤቶች) - Funniest Ethiopian sitcom show

Description: Betoch is an Ethiopian family sitcom produced by Tilahun Gugsa. It was one of the most popular TV sitcoms to air in Ethiopia, and it is well-received by many viewers including Ethiopians living abroad. The drama stars many experienced artists like Tilahun Gugsa. In addition, it also includes many different energetic youth artists. The comedy-drama is packed with adventures, amusing surprises, and episodes that will have you in stitches.

Television: EBC

Show schedule: Saturday

MAN YIQENES (ማን ይቀነስ?)

10. MAN YIQENES (ማን ይቀነስ?)

Description: Man Yikenes is one of the interactive Ethiopian game shows which is presented by Abbay Media TV in collaboration with Shewaferaw Desalegn. The game show creates a competition among the participants for prizes or cash. Doing so pits seven participants against one another. The players vote one participant off at the end of each round, and the last one standing wins the prize money up to $100,000. The show is hosted by Shewaferaw Desalegn, a famous comedy actor in Ethiopia.

Television: Abbay Media TV

Show schedule: Sunday

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