Overthrowing the legitimate government?

March 14, 2023

Recently, the mayor of Addis Ababa city administration claims that they have faced the challenges to overthrow the legitimate government elected by the people and to control power by forceabd and destabilizing the city.

The mayor, Mrs. Adanech Abebe, stated this at the regular meeting of the Addis Ababa Council, which started today.

Mayor Adanech Abebe, while presenting a report on the implementation of the 6-month plan at the assembly, said that recently the givernment have faced the challenges of overthrowing the legitimate government elected by the people and taking control of power and destabilizing the city.

The mayor said; “Especially, the large migration from some regions to Addis Ababa, extremist hatred, activities to make people against each other not only disturb the peace, but also make the people who have been living together for a long time suspect each other, separate them and get into the past conflict,” she said.

The mayor of the city said “from some regions” but did not say clearly which regions they were.

Ms. Adanech said, “Furthermore, the challenge of spreading lawlessness and land grabbing as well as the problems of theft and corrupt practices that have not yet weakened, is making the services we provide not fully accessible to the residents of the city, we understand that we have to do a lot to overcome them.”

Credit- @tikvahethiopia

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