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June 14, 2022

Naming your baby might need a lot of thought and consideration. One of the things that should be considered is culture (and language). That is why we prepare modern and unique Oromo names for girls so that you can choose from them. Here are the unique and meaningful Oromo names for girls.

Lists of Afan Oromo Names For Girls

  1. Agartu (Agartuu): One who sees 
  2. Aage (Aagee): One who tells the good news 
  3. Asanti (Asaantii):  One who is close           
  4. Akira (aakiraa): Life after death 
  5. Amarti (Amartii):  Jewel, Ring 
  6. Anane (Aannanee): Relating to milk, Sweet  
  7. Anisa (Ann iisaa): Energy
  8. Annole (Aannolee):  A place in Arsi where Emperor Menelik cut the hands and breasts of the people in an attempt to expand his realm. 
  9. Antiko (Antiikoo): My ally 
  10. Ardi (Ardii): Continent
  11. Arritti (Aarrittii):  A plant traditionally believed to cast out evil spirits. 
  12. Ayantu (Ayyaantuu): One who is fortunate 
  13. Baredu (Bareedduu): Pretty 
  14. Biftu (Biiftuu):  Of the sun 
  15. Bikiltu (Biqiltuu): A young plant 
  16. Bilille (Bilillee): Attractive, Beloved
  17. Bontu (Boontuu): One who is proud 
  18. Boju (Boojuu): Spoil (n), Taken from enemy 
  19. Boree (Booree): Moral, Passion 
  20. Burqitu (Burqituu): Spring water, Source 
  21. Chara (Carraa): Luck 
  22. Daho (Dahoo): Refuge, Shade 
  23. Danga (Daangaa):  Boundary 
  24. Dawa (Daawaa): Medicine
  25. Debiko (Deebiikoo): My answer
  26. Doi (Do’ii): Scene, That which is seen, A visit  
  27. Dure (Duree): One who is first 
  28. Dureti (Dureettii): One who is rich 
  29. Ebanuf (Eebbanuuf): Our blessing 
  30. Elelan (Elellaan): A type of bead popular in Oromo tradition.
  31. Faya (Faayaa): One that gives beauty
  32. Fenet (Feeneet): By our will
  33. Firdi (Firdii): Judgment 
  34. Fedhi (Fedhii): Will, Wish
  35. Filano (Filannoo): Choice
  36. Fo’ane (Fo’annee): That we chose
  37. Galane (Galaanee): Of the ocean
  38. Gifti (Giiftii): Royal
  39. Hara (Haaraa): New 
  40. Hawetan (Hawweetan): My granted wish 
  41. Hela (Heelaa): Knowledge, Prudence 
  42. Heran (Heeraan): With regard to norms 
  43. Hilif (Hiliif): One who sacrifices for others 
  44. Hinsene (Hinseenee): That I did not think of, Without my knowledge 
  45. Hiree (Hiree): My share 
  46. Hoquba (Hooqubaa): Praise, Glory 
  47. Icitii (Icciitii): Secret 
  48. Iftu (Iftuu): One who is bright 
  49. Ilile (Ilillee): Voice of praise 
  50. Ilili (Ilillii): Flower 
  51. Jalane (Jaallannee):  One who we love 
  52. Jajabe (Jajjabee):  One who is courageous, Brave 
  53. Jajane (Jajannee): One who we admire 
  54. Jitu (Jiituu): Wet 
  55. Kanariya (Kanahiriyaa): Friend
  56. Kayo (Kaayyoo):  Vision, Objective 
  57. Kebron (Keebroon): Unique 
  58. Keraj (Keeraaj): Yours is special 
  59. Ketim (Keetiim): It is yours 
  60. Ketoran (Keetooraan): One who accomplishes things in order
  61. Lalistu (Lalistuu): One who grows 
  62. Lensa (Leensaa), Lelo (Leelloo):  Beautiful, Charming 
  63. Losha (Looshaa):  One with good intentions, Pretty 
  64. Loko (Lookoo):  Fine, Admirable, Tall 
  65. Lubu (Lubbuu): Dear, Lovely
  66. Marartu (Marartuu): Attractive
  67. Martinu (Martinuu): All of the things 
  68. Meti (Meetii): Silver, Precious 
  69. Meto (Meetoo): The mother of Borana and Barentu, the two bloodlines of the Oromo.   
  70. Miju (Mijuu): Comforting 
  71. Milto (Miltoo): Friend 
  72. Monet (Mooneet): We have won
  73. Nanati (Naanaatii): One who is frightened for me 
  74. Nafile (Naafilee):  One that God chose for me
  75. Nahili (Naahilii): One who favors me 
  76. Nadhi (Nadhii): Sweet, Nectar 
  77. Nato (Naatoo):  Beauty, Grace
  78. Nora (Nooraa):  Bridge
  79. Nuftanan (Nuuftaanaan):  Pursuit of a love interest 
  80. Obse (Obsee): Resulting from patience
  81. Ogeti (Ogeettii): Wise 
  82. Ofilale (Ofilaallee):  One who I see myself in, Mirror
  83. Olit( Oliit): One who is from heaven, Given by God
  84. Oromia (Oromiyaa):  The land of the Oromo people 
  85. Qabso (Qabsoo): Revolution                             
  86. Qumbi (Qumbii): Of great value 
  87. Sabontu (Sabboontuu): One who is proud of her people 
  88. Sena (Seenaa): Historic 
  89. Senet (Seeneet): Because we thought so
  90. Sichale (Siccaalee): Someone who has become better than the other 
  91. Sifan (Siifan):  What I will do for you
  92. Siftanan (Siiftaanaan):  If it suits you 
  93. Simbo (Simboo): Graceful 
  94. Simanera (Simanneerraa): We have received 
  95. Sinbone (Sinboonee): One that I am proud of 
  96. Talile (Taliilee): Clear, Not turbid 
  97. Wada (Waadaa): Promise  
  98. Urji (Urjii): Star 
  99. Yadani (Yaadanii):  With a thought 
  100. Yanet (Yaanneet): Planned 

Religious Oromo Names For Girls

Here we have collected the best Oromo names for girls with a religious background. Most of the Muslim names are of notable Muslim Oromos. As for the Christian names, they are suitable for anyone spiritual and believe in one God.

Muslim Names

  1. Sittinaa: kind. From ‘sitti hinaa’ in Afaan Oromoo, it means we tie it (our love) to you.
  2. Haliimaa: generous. It is also the name of Halima Abdulshakur, a miss tourism Oromia.
  3. Saalihaa: just. Also the name of musical artist and medical nurse, Saliha Sami. Most admired for her documentaries and for introducing the culture of Raya Oromo to the Oromo society at large.
  4. Zaahraa: bright. Also the name of Zahra Mohammed, the first and only female mayor in western Shewa.
  5. Suhaad: good fortune. Also the name of Dr. Suad Mukhtar, a medical doctor, business women, and motivational speaker.

Christian Names

  1. Waaqkennee (Wakene): given by God.
  2. Oliit (Olit): from above/God.
  3. Asteer (Aster): Esther in the Bible. Also, the name of Aster Geno, was one of the first female Oromo teachers and translators who assisted Onesimos Nesib in translating the Bible to Afaan Oromoo.
  4. Naafaayee (Nafaye): the one who God beautified for me.
  5. Amanee (Amane): faith. Also the name of Amane Badhasso, community organizer running for US congress.

Names Of Famous Oromo Women                            

Our women deserve appreciation. I don’t know about you, but I know that I will name my daughter after my grandmother because she was a strong woman. If you are here, you probably are looking for some inspiration to name your baby girl. So, here you have the names of famous Oromo women you should take note of their meaning.

  1. Bilillee: beautiful; after Bilillee (later Mahbuba) who was one of the Oromos taken to Germany as a slave and was known for her exceptional beauty.
  2. Yaanneet: that we thought of; after Yanet Dinku, a musical artist famous for her exceptional voice.  
  3. Daraartuu: flowered; after Deratu Tulu, former long-distance runner, and current president of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation. 
  4. Lalisee: one who grows; after Lelise Duga, Oromia Tourism Commission commissioner.
  5. Jesikaa: one who foresees; after Jessica Beshir, filmmaker famous for her documentary film, Faya Dayi.
  6. Feeneet: by our desire; after Fenet Indale, international fashion designer, and founder of Faya Fenet.
  7. Sabboontuu: one who takes pride in her culture; after Sabontu Ahmed, a journalist in Finfine Integrated Broadcasting (FIB TV).
  8. Abbabachi: from Amharic አበበች, similar in meaning to Daraartuu.  After Abebech Gobena (‘the Mother Teresa of Africa’) who was the founder and manager of Abebech Gobena Children’s Care & Development Association (AGOHELMA).

Which one do you pick? Let me know in the comment section below.

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