Junior Accountant – Skillmart International College Vacancy Announcement

March 14, 2023

Skillmart International College Vacancy Announcement, March 14, 2023.

Job Overview

  • Organization: Skillmart International College
  • Position: Junior Accountant
  • Employment: Full Time
  • Location: Addis Ababa
  • Experience Level: Junior Level (1 year)
  • Number of Positions: 1
  • Date of Announcement: March 8, 2023
  • Deadline: March 18, 2023


Established in 2019, SKILLMART International College is an accredited private higher education institution. The college is part of the Skillmart Educational Development Share Company. The Share Company is the first education-based share company established with the aim of providing high-quality education from kindergarten through tertiary education. It was organized by experienced professionals in the Ethiopian higher education sector. Currently the College is offering different Postgraduate programs including Project Management, Analysis, and Evaluation, Business Administration (MBA) and Accounting and Finance as well as Undergraduate Degree programs in Accounting and Finance and Marketing Management at its Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar Campuses. Skillmart is offering a number of short term, tailor-made training programs facilitated by experts in the field. As part of its plan in ensuring fast and satisfactory customer service at all levels, the College invites qualified and interested applicants in the following vacant position/s who will assist in realizing its goal.

Job Description

Key activities & duties

  • Any successful candidate for this advertised position will be able to plan, execute and report, financial activities, review finance documents critically (including all payment and income documents), and report comprehensively.
  • Prepares daily cash position;
  • Prepares check payments;
  • Checks the Bank cash collection summary with cash receipts;
  • Codes accounts documents based on the given chart of account;
  • Posts account data to Peachtree software;
  • Prepares journal entries;
  • Prepares staff payroll;
  • Prepares bankbooks reconciliation with account cashbook;
  • Prepares different reports required by the College’s management;
  • Prepares fixed asset registry;
  • Prepares financial statements;

Consistently Prepare Payment Documents. These may include:

  • Prepare government tax and pension contribution payments;
  • Prepare building and other rental payments;
  • Prepare repair and maintenance payments;
  • Prepare advertisement and promotion related payments;
  • Prepare Utility payments;
  • Prepare Purchase & Work orders;
  • Prepare Petty cash replenishments, and
  • Prepare monthly permanent and part-time staff payroll including evaluation of outstanding and/or advance salaries and communicating to payroll team.
  • Checks the accuracy of the source documents before any payments;
  • Carry out other activities as required by the Office head;

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Job Requirements

 Educational Qualification & Experience

  • BA in Accounting & Finance/ Banking and Finance or other directly related fields or TVET Level 4 graduate in Accounting;
  • A minimum of  1 and 2 years of  directly relevant professional experience preferably in the Ethiopian Private Higher Education for BA and TVET, respectively;

Essential Competencies & Qualities

  • Knowledge of the theories, principles & practices of Accounting/ Finance;
  • Familiarity to the various regulations and working systems of Ministry of Revenue and other regulatory bodies;
  • Ability to clearly communicate technical concepts to a non-technical audience;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Experience in Using different software such as Peachtree,
  • Ability to work in pressures and to meet deadlines;
  • Faithfulness to work ethics, to the rules and regulations in all aspects

How to Apply

Submit your application in person to Skillmart International Colleg, located around Megenagna, Meseret Defar Mall 6th Floor, Next to Derartu Bldg or via email: [email protected] For further information contact Tel. +251116663313/ +251928000111

Click HERE to view on source and apply



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