Ethio Cement PLC Vacancy Announcement

Job Overview

  • Category: Accounting and Finance
  • Location: Head Office
  • Reports to: General Accounts/Cost and Budget,Head
  • Terms of Employment:  Full time
  • Position: Junior Accountant
  • Deadline: May 29, 2023 

Job Requirements

Education level and Experience Required

  • B.A Degree in Accounting /Financial Management and Related field studies and
  • 2 years’ Experience  

Job Description

Essential Functions

Under Close Supervision of General accounts Head, Junior Accountant duties of routine nature such as receive transaction on prime Register, checking correctives of calculation, addition updating register recording stock card and pricing issue as per written instruction provided. She/he is responsible to maintain delivery order, memordum register and references delivery order check and payments,

Specific duties and Responsibility

  • Check correctives of price, calculation and addition on sales invoice and Vendor payment
  • Maintain delivery and purchases order register and reference delivery order to credit sales invoice and payment .
  • Record daily Production quantities in production Register
  • Update Memorandum records of supplier credit invoice . Record on direct and indirect material purchases payment.
  • Verify, post and submit check and cash payment, voucher together with necessity supporting document to General accounts Division.
  • Update the finished record card daily from finished goods received  notes in respect production   cash sales invoice ,delivery order, credit sales invoice etc
  • Maintain GRN memorandum, Register and Record in strict to numerical sequence
  • check credit sales and payment register total for General Ledger and sub ledger posting
  • Perform other duties assigned by Immediate supervisor

How to Apply

Qualified candidates meeting the above requirements should apply by e-mail Or deliver to Ethio Cement PLC Head office located at 3F building, 7th floor, which is located around Twedros square near Haron building, Piazza.

The application deadline is 5 days after the first advertisement,

Please include a cover letter with the position name attaching resume and supporting doc.

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