ABH Partners Plc Vacancy Announcement

September 9, 2023

Job Overview

  • Position: Temporary School Management System Officer
  • Location: Addis Ababa
  • Deadline: Sep 16, 2023

Job Description

ABH Partners Plc is a leading consultancy and human resources sourcing firm in Ethiopia with about 16 years of experience in supporting the implementation of development programs and projects. ABH exists to fuel synergistic societal growth by harnessing local knowledge and international standards. Dedicated to the betterment of societal development, technical assistance, and knowledge management. ABH has gained credibility and industry experience in the development sector in general. ABH partners would like to invite applicants who meet the below requirements to apply for the position of  Temporary School Management System Officer. 

Title: Temporary School Management System Officer

Required No: Five (5)

Location: Addis Ababa

Duration: Contract

Starting Date: Immediately after the employment agreement concluded

Reporting: Manager –School Management System

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Project Manager in the proper implementation of the school management system,
  • Sale the school management system to potential schools and enroll new schools
  • Sign new Nondisclosure agreement or Memorandum of association with agreed schools;
  • Assist in the collection of the hardcopy data from the schools and accurately convert it into the designated system templates,
  • Ensure the collected data integrity and quality,
  • Collaborate with schools to identify specific challenges they face in the day-to-day activities,
  • Recommend modules and enhancements to address school-specific needs,
  • Engage with schools, staff, and parents post-rollout to ensure system adoption,
  • Conduct follow-up activities to address queries, concerns, and issues,
  • Identify challenges and suggest solutions to enhance system usage.
  • Give training to system users, including teachers and administrators.
  • Offer ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance.
  • Assist in creating user manuals and documentation.
  • Assist in improving system features and usability.
  • Improve the daily usage engagement and generate daily reports
  • Document feedback, suggestions, and issues reported by users.
  • Report progress and challenges to the school management manager.
  • Perform other related duties given by the supervisor.

Job Requirements

  • BA Degree in Business Administration Information Systems, Information Technology, Marketing, Accounting, Management, Banking and Finance, Economics, or other business-related fields.
  • Related experience is an advantage
  • Hand-on experience in sales, marketing, and project management is a plus.
  • Proficiency in documenting processes, requirements, and issues.
  • Ability to accurately convert and input data into system templates

Other Skills

  • Sales and Marketing skills.
  • Training and support skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills:
  • Data encoding and management skill

How to Apply

Qualified applicants can apply through the link: https://ethiotalent.com/job-detail/85

Interested applicants can apply before the closing date of the application. For more information please read the full article

Deadline: Sep 16, 2023

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