A call was made to support those affected by the drought in the Somali region.

March 13, 2023

The Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission has announced that more than 3.2 million people need urgent food aid due to the drought in the Somali region.

The commission made this known in an affidavit to Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

Drought has occurred in nine out of 11 zones in the Somali region, and the drought is causing serious damage to people and animals, the commission said.

It has been stated that more than 3.2 million citizens need urgent assistance following the drought in the Somali region, not including the new study.

It has been pointed out that the number of beneficiaries may increase when the new study being conducted in the region is completed.

The Commission informed that the World Food Program is supporting the drought-affected citizens in the region and emphasized the need for more urgent support as the number of beneficiaries is high and increasing day by day.


  • Partners,
  • Government institutions,
  • private organizations,
  • The commission has called on celebrities and diaspora to support the drought-affected citizens in the region in its pledge to Fana Broadcast Corporation.

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